SuperIstar is out dreaming

photo not mine

Long time no write. Yes, that’s what I told myself. So where was I? Out dreaming! Lol! Seriously!!! I have been under the spells of fever and it’s no help now that summer is at its peak here in the Philippines. You can really get a tan even just by walking outside. I AM NOT JOKING.

So let’s go back to ‘dreaming’ before I start talking non sense. I am not really sure whether it’s my sickness that caused me to dream a lot. I know our dreams our numerous per night but I can recall my dreams. Is it me that’s weird? Or is it my mind and body? I saw Dubai, pork chops and Xave (my boyfriend, yes, I have one now) in my dream but in a different way. I remember seeing the skyscrapers of the Dubai, wanting to eat pork chops and Xave getting mad at me because he was not able to answer to a phone call because I was talking non-stop. Hmmm… so even in my dreams I can’t stop talking. Should I be scared now? Or I was talking non-stop there because in real life my throat hurts and I can’t speak well.

Although I am still assessing what these dreams could mean, it has a good effect. It made me write again. Just in time because I really miss my WordPress world and everyone in it. Have a happy weekend loves! I hope everyone is doing well 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

I won’t ever forget my first weekend getaway when I was in Dubai last year. My friends brought me to the very beautiful Al Mamzar Park. Oh it was really breathtaking! The benches, the trees and the beach!!! 🙂

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EID Mubarak 2011

Dubai as my boss shared is the “melting pot” of the U.A.E. I worked there for six months and had a great experience when it comes to friends, culture and the like. Though I was not able to experience winter, the Ramadan Season was quite a unique time. Work hours were cut short since most of the people need to fast and pray. Most of the time, my room mates and I will just spend the night watching TV series or celebrate “Iftar” (Iftar, by the way is the term they used for dinners after a long day of fasting). Ramadan lasts for an entire month and as it ends, it is considered as a holiday. My friends in the office decided that we needed a getaway and decided to check out one of the resorts in the nearby city. After checking all the options, we chose to visit Sharjah Grand Resort.

Dubai and Sharjah is just close to each other so we didn’t have any problems going there. They have a bus service, so no hassle!

I am very happy with my animalistic maxi dress! I am loving it!

  Gee, D, and Vera were all smiles in their maxi’s too!

  The simple ones as they say… Anne, Sugar and King.

  Busy tweeting girls? I think so 🙂

  Our view while waiting, I want one of these trees. Want to place them in a garden!

  I can read a book all day, the view is perfect!

  Beach walls? YES! They have one!

  Sun and ceiling

  Our beds!

  We call ourselves the MEGA girls! I miss everyone so much! ♥♥♥

  Sitting pretty!

By the pool side

By the beach side, I am always the smallest one! 🙂

The sand beneath my toes

Nipa huts

Swimming time

Sorry for being narcissistic 🙂 Just enjoying the sun!

Life guard

The hotel

Sand lovin!

Last time to swim in the pool, night swimming! Yes!

“blessed festival”

Eat all you can time!

Sir Ted who’s working for 19 years as a chef. That was a long time but I guess he really enjoys his work so much.

My red necklace ♥

Who wants to eat? Shall we!

Food! More food!

Complete it with dessert!

I am hungry again, just by looking at these pictures!

All so pretty at the dinner table.

My plates, ehem, I was not so hungry right?

After dinner, we headed back to our room. Shot after shot after shot! 🙂

Nights will be incomplete without any bonding time. Stories and laughter makes memories.

My Dubai work friends: Sugar, Anne, King, Gee, Diana and Che.

***I miss you girls so much, please do not forget to tweet, promise to tweet back as always***

Let’s go Parasailing

The whole month of August in Dubai and other Middle East Countries is considered Ramadan. Which means no eating and drinking when the sun is up. We were able to buy 99 aed parasailing vouchers from Cobone online. Unfortunately there were no more available slots for the month of September so we battled with the heat and had it scheduled on the last Friday of August. So my tip, once you have the vouchers call and book as soon as you can.

The heat was on during this season, just think about the kind of heat that pricks your skin. It’s good if you want to have a tan, but still, without water and food, almost feels like fainting.

This shot of mine reminds me of Magalawa Island in Zambales Philippines. A small hut can save the day I tell you.

This is Jumeirah Open Beach Park. Truly amazing how the these skyscrapers can stand on sand.

This was the only time I got to see a camel. My only wish when I first stepped in Dubai was granted. Cheers to that!

Cute old couple having a tan time.

 We were told by a friend of mine that we will not get wet on the process so we didn’t bring any extra clothes. Too bad for us, the boat was too far so we really need to cross the water! Better be wet than not experience parasailing 🙂 Normally, they will have a smaller boat pick you up in an area so you don’t have to swim, I guess it’s not our lucky day! Haha!

I am loving the wind!

Waiting for my 15 minutes turn.

During the take off.

My america’s next top model shot.

Yey! Done at last! The view on top was amazing, however I didn’t bring my camera with me. The guy who assisted us told me it’s not safe. But I tell you, it is! It was very quiet and calm up there. You can take pictures as long as you can hold the camera tight or better yet strap it to your body. So after that, I asked my King (my good and pretty friend) if she can bring my camera with her and take pictures once it’s her turn, she agreed without any hesitation. Here’s what she got!

See? She was so happy up there! I am envious I want a shot like this!

This is the picturesque view above. Truly breathtaking! Palm Jumeirah!

The last one and they decided to play with her, see how near she is to the water? 🙂

A small bottle of water for free, good thing because I am super thirsty.

Shades anyone?!?

Here’s another one!

Nice pair of bikinis! I want one too since I adore animal prints.

Dead hungry, tired and thirsty. Please take me home.

But before anything else, let me give you a Fulla shot 🙂

So, that was my PARASAILING experience. Next time, I would like to try sky diving and other nerve wracking activities. The adrenaline rush will be all worth it.

Credits to Rose Yangco for letting me grab some of her pictures.

Atlantis, love at first sight!

I have always loved beaches and resorts, so far “Atlantis The Palm” located in Jumeirah Dubai was one of the unforgettable ones!

Ate Che, Vera and I visited the waterpark, we were there at around 10:00 in the morning.

“my starter outfit”

“seashells, seashells on the sea shore”

“the floater”

the three of us

jumpshot taken by a filipino photographer, thanks kuya

Once you enter the lobby, you will be greeted by a colorful ceiling that artists would surely adore.

“the ceiling”

If you have a residence visa like ours, you will only pay 140.00 AED instead of 200.00 AED for the Aquaventure Park ( in peso it’s around 1400.00 php or a bit higher depending on the exchange rate but to make life easier, I always multipy it by 10.00 ). The place itself was really big! Aquaventure is just a part of the waterpark and it was the only place we can afford to visit, below is the full map of Atlantis The Palm.

First thing we tried was the Torrent River, which was connected to the Rapids, Lagoon and Splashers. I tell you, this was one hell of a long ride! At some point I want to shout “STOP” but still it keeps on going.

a minute to pose

this is where we started

part of the long trip

After that, we were really exhausted but it won’t stop us from seeing the place. We then headed to The Ziggurat where we tried the Shark Lagoon and Leap of Faith. For the first one, it was a bit scary coz it’s dark and too bad I was not able to see any sharks… only fishes. The latter one was the best part, standing at 27.5m tall and 61m long, the famous Leap of Faith. Hold your breath and pray as you slide down and scream at the top of your lungs. I was actually wearing a white cover up and it was all over me, so one advice, wear something tight! Good thing my bikini top was knotted twice, if not I’ll be on the list of “topless victims”.

the crowd watching

take a deep breath and screammmmmmm!

So much for the pool, we hit the beach this time. But before that, we needed some refreshments!

pineapples everywhere


quench your thirst

On the way to the beach area, we decided to finish our drinks first. Sat on the grass while drinking our juices.

Vera and I

Ate Che and I

The water temperature felt so good, just the proper mix of hot and cold water that makes you want to float all day long, but don’t step on the sand without slippers! You will burn your feet for sure.

be safe on the beach side

the narcissist and the amazing background

After 20 minutes of beach pleasure, we decided to take the shower and just take pictures afterwards.

“the orange towel”

vera looking for sharks 🙂

sisters having fun

shark magnet

beach area

It was a tiring adventure but worth it, a must-try for a lifetime.

til next time girls!

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