Mom, your 50 and still sexy!


My dearest mom turned 50 yesterday, so I figured out, I will confess about ‘some things’.

Mom if ever you read this, do not be mad, haha! You know I love you and always will.

1. One of my favorite past time when I was a kid was to sit down at your big mirror with 6 cabinets full of make up. Yes, I tried all your lipsticks and accessories. Though I do not wear make up everyday, I got lots. Thank you, now I am so vain but my friends love it.

2. I also love to wear your stilettos and walk around the house when you are gone. Not sure if you noticed it, but I guess not, because I make sure I return them properly and exactly where you left it. Thank you, for I have always been labeled as an OC girl.

3. The stockings that you have at home were always missing because when I try them on and take them off, they are all curled. So I immediately place them in the laundry afterwards. Thank you, for I have not loved stocking since then. Haha!

4. The day we fought over my ‘prom dress’ was one of the worst moments in my life. I ended up sleeping in all these shells that I have collected from our beach adventures and I took a lot of Vitamin C. I waited for something to happen and wondered why I was still okay until college days came and I learned that Vitamin C is a water based soluble one. Meaning, it will not cause death! (OMG, I can’t believe why am I spilling these secrets.) Thank you, for I am still alive.

5. Lastly, up to now, I am not 100% sure why you wanted me to become a nurse when in fact you know I love to take up Hotel Restaurant Management. I am sure you have your own reasons and Mother’s Knows Best all the time. Thank you, for making sure I am well-educated… maybe soon I will be able to use my nursing license. 🙂

Please please please! Forgive me for the everyday dramas. You knew I have always wanted to be an artist on stage and on TV. I love you always and you are the greatest mom ever. Do not worry about your weight, for you are SEXY as ever. Again, Happy Birthday! ♥