The coconut tree swaying in the background looked so familiar. It slowly moves back and forth, a little to the left and a little to the right. At times I have to lift my left hand and place it above my eyebrow just to get a sight of you. You see, you look so bright in my eyes, I had a hard time seeing your face against the rays of the sun. But no matter how I try to make the shape of your nose, to see the color of your eyes, you were always blurry. Just a shadow, you were just a shadow in my dream.

Yet you never fail to make me feel how much you loved me. I felt it by the way you held my hands. By the way you tucked my hair when the wind started to blow. Those little trinkets of laughter when you say my name. I loved you to, I just knew it.


For some reason, I found myself yesterday staring at my glow in the dark star wall for about 15 minutes straight. Didn’t feel my eyes blink at all, then it became heavy, I was consumed with so much emotion the tears started to flow.

Was it because of unknown circumstances or things I refuse to face? I’m back at the black hole, no light no air and it suffocates me. Questions arise in my mind like wildfire, leaving no trace to help me find the answers.