On being thankful


We don’t have perfect lives but we have the power to make them close to perfection. Sunsets, beaches, vacation, great friends and unforgettable stories, we can photograph them, keep them locked in our memories and cherish them in our hearts forever. Being ‘thankful’ is always the key… Have you thanked God today? I just did 🙂

Drowning in the shadows


At times I feel like drowning
There was nothing left to do
But to catch one last breath
And hope I can survive for a minute Another minute, an hour, days, or even months

I prayed hard that someone Will see me asking for help
And extend a hand
To save me from the mess I have created
As demons of my own continues to haunt me
But no one did
As I was about to completely surrender
I saw a tiny flicker of light, turned into fire
A blinding contrast of orange and yellow that seemed to burn my being
Hesitant at first, I forced to open my eyes

He was there
GOD was there

Flashbacks and realizations hit me all at once
I knew then I am the only one
Who can fight my own demons
See the true light
With His complete guidance

Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

Thankful I am for the all the LOVE in the world. Surrender everything to God and you’ll find a love that’ll last forever.

Got this Love Cross years ago, Dad placed it on our mini altar ♥

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