To the woman who taught me about real love


God truly knows our entire being. He knew beforehand who are we gonna need to be with in this lifetime. I’ve said in my previous posts that Life won’t be easy in general. That’s why I am so thankful and blessed to have my Mom beside me all these years.

My mind as you see, is always seeking for adventure and new learnings. Though at times I turn out to make the wrong decisions, she never failed to speak her heart out and tell me things. Things that were true, yeah at times they hurt big time. Some I even consider to be of no value then later gives me the wisdom I need in my daily life.

Mom thank you for never giving up on us, your family. I know that keeping a family so big like ours is one of the greatest challenges. You have been with us through thick and thin and still manage to take us to places we’ve never seen before. Personally, thank you for your words, forgive me for being such a stubborn lady at times, haha! You know those moments!

May the Lord continue to give you great health in the coming years for you will need it. May Mother Mary guide you in every step of the way though there are times the road may seem dark.

You inspire US, the people around you to live better and believe in ourselves. God knows how thankful we are for having you as our Mother. We love and cherish you, Happy Birthday.

To the Man who taught me about real love


How do I start this post without getting teary-eyed? Kinda hard so I will just let it flow. When I talk about my parents, my feelings overflow like a dam full of water. I know we should not question God but I end up however. I ask Him, “Who am I and what I have done to deserve such lovely parents?”. As I grow older and every time I come home during the weekends I find out more and more about the answers. God gave them to me because He knew I can’t survive without them. He knew exactly that Dad and Mom would be the perfect parents who will guide me in this challenge called life. I may have failed you at times because I have this motto of “following my hearts desire” but you always understood 🙂 God gave me both of you so I can grow, inspire and affect people in a positive way.

Daddy, thank you for always treating me as mermaid and for teaching me how to swim. You see, it’s more than that. I can’t imagine all the moments I am connected with the earth by just floating into the water. At times with eyes closed and more often with the stars above the sky. You maybe man of few words when it comes to serious talks but you were so right when you said “Anak, kung kayo talaga, magkakabalikan kayo. Kung hindi, hindi talaga”. I cried endlessly when I heard them from you, somewhat it killed me but those words were raw and pure. I know you don’t want me to feel the hurt and you want to put a band aid on my bleeding heart but still you told me the truth. You were the one who explained it all, ‘that true love fights and at times it will hurt’ .

Please, do not worry so much about me if I’m 28 and still single. That recent line that you dropped on my birthday week “Aba Anak, mag asawa ka, mahirap ang walang kasama sa buhay pagtanda”, made me laugh. I know you want the best for me but time will unfold itself. I want a marriage like mom and yours. Were things can be made calm even under a stormy weather. You will walk me down the aisle… When the time is right.

Thank you Daddy for being the greatest. May God bless you with healthy years ahead. I have so much memories with you stored in this heart of mine. All of them were colorful like the rainbow. We love you so. I love you so. I will always be your beautiful little mermaid. Happy Birthday 🙂

Sundays and Mondays, my so called Weekends

Normally, weekends would be Saturdays and Sundays. Well, not for me since I work Tuesdays to Saturdays and celebrate my rest days on Sundays and Mondays. Yes I used the term celebrate, why? Because it makes them more exciting. Just imagine working on a Tuesday and you are already looking forward to celebrating the rest days. Oh how fun is that??? SUPER FUN right? (Though some days are really stressful and all you need is a sick leave).

So what am I looking forward to this week?

1) Coffee date after Saturday shift with my dearest friends and co-bloggers Dredd and Jona for a quick brainstorming of a special project (shhhhhhhh… I won’t give a hint, hihi).

2) Lazy day since there’s a tropical depression in our country, maybe watching movies with hot chocolates or coffee, with my family and siblings of course!

3) Time of prayer and a few hours with Nueve D, then a time to meet someone 🙂

4) Fix my students license, blog a few stuff and then meet my college friend for dinner.

You see, being happy and time management can be learned. You just have to convince yourself 99% of the time that everything will be alright and the odds will be in your favor (and a positive push should not be forgotten). Of course, there are things that we can’t control but you just have to be careful on how you react to them. Seems I am talking to myself here, lol.

A cute lil’ photo I got from a recent blog I followed 🙂 Inspired Life


Friends, loved ones, have a great weekend!

28 in a few

turning 28

Hallo everyone!

In a few minutes another year will be added to my existence. Hmmm! So maybe this is it, I can say that L-I-F-E starts at 28 (at least that’s for me, most of the time I hear/read it’s at 30). I need to give a few updates about my “Joyful plans for my 28th Birthday”.

Plan 1) It saddens me that I won’t be able to do this since the “Donate Your Hair Org” updated their site and noted that hair donations should be 12 inches or longer. 😦 Unfortunately, I would be close to a boy’s cut if I do that.

Plan 2 and 3) Done already! Yipee!

Thank you Jona for this lovely quote

And now! It’s time to give endless thanks to everyone who has been a great part of my life for the past 28 years.

1) My ever loving family members – I know it’s hard to be with a daughter/sister who’s always chatting about everything and makes “kulit” to everyone in the house. Forgive me if I always sleep when I have the chance to and for the non-stop drinking of iced tea.

2) My relatives on both sides, mother and father. You were all great and being close to almost each one of you makes me real happy.

3) To the friends of my mother and father. Thank you for treating us like your children and for helping my parents reach their goal in continuously reaching to other people in all the good ways you know.

4) For my Nueve D Barkada, you are the greatest sisters I have in life and you all know me from my hair tips to my toes.

5) My CJPLC, Assumption Antipolo, BCC and OLGC friends and batchmates, I have never ending memories of you. Most of them all funny and really unforgettable.

6) My ICT and Chase Friends, oh you have filled my life with happy working days! Thank you thank you thank you!

7) My WordPress family, endless thank you for visiting my site. Every click goes to my heart 🙂

Heaven is on your side Gee


Let me pour my heart out, I’m bleeding and it won’t stop. 4th of July should be full of fireworks and excitement, this one however is not. Today, I lost my dear friend Rio, I often call her Gee and she does the same. She was my first close girl friend on my first call center job. As years pass, I know she’s one of those “friends for keeps in a lifetime”. We HAD so many memories together: laughter, tears, pain, heartaches, rain, sunshine, all combined. She was even the reason why I was able to work in Dubai. But out of all, there’s one instance I will never ever forget. It was a normal day and she said “Gee, I don’t have a sister, but if I have one, I would pick you”. So that simple sentence as you see meant so much to me, for I know it came from her pure heart. Life is full of miracles, God gave me another sister.

Now that she’s gone physically, my heart won’t just accept it. Leukemia took her away at a young age. As a nurse, I may happen to know the griefing process and the DABDA stages. The only problem is, she’s so close to me, we treated each other like real sisters, and at this moment, I am torn between Denial and Acceptance.

There are many situations in life when I always say to myself, “I am bigger than my worries and problems”, this time… I need to cry it all out, the positive cheerleader inside of me is silent. For my heart is aching, the heavens are crying for losing one great angel.

To my Dearest Gee, I know you can hear me and you can read this. My words will never be enough, thank you for making me a part of your life. 6 years of deep friendship may not be enough but it was worth it. Thank you for all the happy memories, YOU are now truly an angel. God will take care of you and He has now given you wings to fly… be free and light as you wish to be. I love you my friend, sister, my one and only Gee.


My Mom and her sacrifices

943151_10200708453508128_628007276_nMy mothers name is Liberty, first thing that would come to my mind is the Statue of Liberty. True enough, she has always been. Standing tall no matter how heavy the wind is or how strong a storm builds. She has always been there for us, not only ups and downs but through twists and turns. There came a time when I thought the things she has said does not make sense. But at this age, I am beginning to see the light in her words and the real meaning behind them.

Most mothers sacrifice themselves in the hope of bringing up strong and good will minded children. Mom was never an exemption, I knew that at times she almost gave up on her own faith. But maybe seeing seven kids before her, she believes she just can’t give up. Her daily struggles when working with my Dad had been a challenge. Imagine sending us all to school and at the same time giving us shelter.

Now I can’t help but smile and cry a little. Have you hugged, kissed and thanked your Mom today? Go ahead, she deserves it BIG TIME.


Blurry weekend

Tuesday, another day to start of the work week. Thank you for the additional day off, happy MLK day to all those living in the U.S.

I started the weekend, Saturday with a bang! After work, my friends and I visited the National Museum, Intramuros, and had late lunch at the famous Ilustrados Restaurant. Nightime came, I still was not able to rest. My highschool batchmates came to our house for our alumni anniversary. Needless to say, when they left past midnight, I was in bed after cleaning up.


Sunday, I spent half of the day sleeping and the rest of the day watching movies with my sister Krissy. We finished 4 movies: Nowhere Boy (which I found very interesting since I love The Beatles), Green Lantern, Moonrise Kingdom (adored the characters), and Django (unfortunately, I fell asleep because it was too long).

Monday came and I was excited!!! Dad brought us to our new “kubo” in the middle of Laguna Lake. We had so much fun and being the eldest, I had to cook. Good thing there is google and “magic sinigang mix”. If not, I can’t imagine how and what will my sinigang version look and taste for that matter. Lol! We also had fried porkchop, stuffed milkfish and watermelon. Happy tummy!!! After lunch everyone was sleepy so we all took a nap while the wind was blowing hard. *mental note* bring a comforter next time 🙂



Tuesday!!! Tada!!! I made a decision to let go  my huge earrings collection. “Twinkle the star”, my online dream shop was born. Can’t believe that after so many debates I had with myself, I finally did it! I’m letting them go and though tears swell from my eyes, this is for the best. I just know it, mom was right… I can’t wear them all together.


1. I can be a homebuddy 🙂
2. Material things are really not that important.
3. Family comes first.
4. I should drink more water than coffee.
5. Cold weather makes me 20% more emotional than normal.
6. I should sleep more and read more.
7. I should really sleep or drag myself to sleep even if I don’t want to, like what’s happening now.

Hope you had a great one dear friends 🙂