Abe with US Girls

Supposedly, we are gonna eat at Conti’s since Jana was cravings for some cakes. Not sure why there were so many people at the place last Monday so we ended up looking for another restaurant. Out of the many restaurants in Serendra, we chose Abe, they specialize in Filipino dishes.

My two ladies with our “Sago’t Gulaman”

Jana and I

US Girls reunited over dinner 🙂

Pork Hamonado and Baby Squids, loved them both.

Thank you Chivas for our group picture.

And another one 🙂

Three times our height? Lol!

Near the fountain area

Cute cute flowers floating

I wanted to hug this christmas tree but… haha, it’s too small. 🙂

Champorado and the Dried Salted Herring

Funny as it may seem, I do not know how to cook (real viands) though I love eating and trying out different foods. Mom always tell me I cannot be a good wife because a husband after a hard days work would just love to sit down, read a newspaper or magazine and EAT. Of course, the wife must cook for her beloved husband. I, on the other hand only knows how to make someone laugh non-stop.

Now, that leaves me nowhere, so DO NOT MARRY ME if you are a food junkie. Unless you are willing to eat out, have something delivered or cook for me, haha, that’s the other way around. (I guess I can work so I’ll be one who will come home for dinner).

Looking at the bright side of the rainbow, I got one good news, since I am addicted to chocolates as early as I can remember, I have perfected how to cook “Champorado”. This is a famous Filipino food, mostly eaten during breakfast or “siesta” time, and cold seasons.

Forgive me for I am not a food blogger, if you want to try, these are the ingredients that you need:

1. Ricoa Cocoa or any powdered cocoa brand

2. Sugar, preferably brown sugar (since it’s healthier)

3. Malagkit Rice (Sticky rice) and the normal rice

How to cook:

1. Put the Malagkit rice and normal rice together and boil them for about 15 minutes. Do not forget to stir frequently.

2. On a separate bowl, mix the powdered cocoa and brown sugar. Add hot water and stir non-stop. Haha!

3. Once you are done and the 15 minutes is over, add the liquified cocoa to the boiling Malagkit and normal rice. Again, stir non-stop. Add sugar depending on your taste.

4. You can add evaporated milk or powdered milk to your hot Champorado.

5. If you are a little adventurous, try eating your Champorado with dried salted herring. Sweet and salty, DELICIOUS!

***Do not ask me for any measurements, I do not know anything about them. (Forgive me again)***

The key ingredients

Due to frequent stirring, I got BURNED! Tsk tsk tsk!

Here’s my plate with the dried salted herring (known as “Tuyo” in Tagalog)

I used the evaporated milk since I am a young lady, haha!

My twin brother of course, used the powdered one.

“Tuyo” close up

Dad didn’t eat Champorado 😦 that’s because Mom bought him something from the mall. Thanks to my twin brother though, I guess they enjoyed it. Love these boys!

Again, do not marry me, for I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO COOK but I plan to try. Enjoy eating!