Flowers and chocolates, always the best idea!

Our youngest in the family would be Jesus Lourd and Lourd Jesus, yep identical twins. They are in 4th year highschool and I am the only one left who calls them “baby” in the family. Everyone said I should call them by their first name but I just can’t. I feel kinda old if I will call them JL or LJ and besides I took care of them when they were little. I spent most of my time with them so they will always be my baby.

So this is what happened, I woke up a few hours ago and got a message from one of my sisters to call her asap. This was one of my happiest moment so far! JL got featured on their schools FB page. We all know he is planning to give this lady some stuff but I didn’t expect it to be so SWEET and so full of effort. My sisters and I chose the chocolate and flowers, the rest of the ideas — all on him.

This is what I saw 🙂

October 10, 2012 – Ang nagpahiyaw at nagpakilig sa mga BCCians, ganap na 12:30 ng tanghali habang abala sa pagkain ang mga estudyante ng 3rd year at 4th year, isang makapagbagbag damdaming eksena ang bumulaga sa isang dilag ng IV-OLL ng bigla siyang hatakin sa labas ng kanilang silid ng dalawang kasabwat. Laking gulat nang nakita niya ang nakahilerang mga lalaki mula sa IV-SMT na may hawak na mga letrang bumubuo sa salitang “I LOVE YOU YE”. Matapos makita niya ito laking gulat ng dilag na pagtalikod niya ay nakita niya ang binata na may dala-dalang isang malaking pumpon ng bulaklak at matamis na tsokolate. Hindi makapagsalita sa gulat ang dalaga, lalo na nang lumuhod ang binata sa harap nya. Ngayon lamang nangyari (sa aming pagkakaalam) ito sa buong kasaysayan ng BCC. May susunod pa kaya? – The Official HEY & Ang Sagwan

English Translation : October 10, 2012 – A scene that rocked and made the hearts of BCCians fly, exactly 12:30 pm while the 3rd and 4th year students were busy eating, a heartfelt event took place. A lady from IV-OLL was surprised to see a line of guys lined up with letters on their hand forming “I LOVE YOU YE”. When she turned around, there was a guy holding a bouquet of roses and a box of chocolate. She was too stunned to speak especially when the guy knelt in front of her. This was the only time (as we know) that this happened in BCC history. Will there be another one?

The guy was my brother, am I really getting old? Can’t believe I have to somewhat “let them go and grow on their own” 😦


Dear JL,

I am so proud of you, I can’t believe it you really did this! Oh, the I LOVE YOU YE makes me wanna die! You are one of those gems, I thought all the loving guys are hidden somewhere in Pluto. You PROVED me wrong! Sweetness really runs in the family, I am so sure you made this lady, ehem, Roselyn feel special (nice name, like Joycelyn, haha, peace). For five minutes I felt like my heart is gonna burst with so much excitement. Whatever happens, treat her like a queen and I hope you will stay in love together.

P.S. Invite Roselyn on Sunday, our house, my treat! 🙂

Your supportive sister, Ate Joyce

To all the guys out there! YOU can never go wrong with a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates on any occasion. Even though ladies say they don’t want them, THEY DO, WE ALL DO! Makes us melt!