Mozu with US Girls

Meet the “US Girls”

Miley, Jana and I

Grilled Liempo, Baby Back Ribs and Chicken Kebab

Mocha Adoration

Enjoying my cloudy Mocha Adoration Coffee

Early Christmas, wonderful star lanterns! They are so lovely!

Our BB’s

Thank you for the chocolates CJ! Loved them!

Errr… what conversation are you having? Haha!

Dinner, coffee dates plus the rain and ONE umbrella.

Thank you girls for the time, I know you two are busy but at least we were able to find time for each other. You know how much I miss you!

Isaw Haus out of town

One stormy Sunday, we decided to visit one of the famous restaurant by word of mouth around the Metro. From our place, Binangonan Rizal, it took us around 40 minutes to reach the  area. It was raining during our travel time but thank goodness traffic was not that visible.

Picture taking while waiting for our orders.

Call them for delivery if you are feeling lazy to go out.

Goofing around, still while waiting for our order.

The area we stayed in has this cute old-fashioned fans. Classic Filipino!

You will also notice some sayings against the bamboo walls.

Wooden chairs and table, good for 4 persons.

Can’t get enough of the lights!

The food is finally here! Hungry stomach attack!

The whole gang at the dinner table.

Now it is time for the ratings! This is the first time I am going to divide my ratings in such manner. I believe this will be easier and concrete than my previous food reviews (I am not a food blogger but I just want to share my thoughts clearly too).

Ambiance Wise: The place tried to stick with “Filipino Style” maybe because “Isaw” is a famous food known all over our country. Yellow lights always amaze me but not to the point that it’s dim and you can’t see your food anymore. Ornaments surrounding the area looks good to me. The only thing I hated was the mosquito’s. So my advice, better use Off Lotion first if you plan on staying here for long.

Food Taste Wise: Everything was great, from Pancit to Sinigang na Hipon, Lumpia, Chopsuey and all that. I agree when they said the food here was really yummy! By the end of dinner, we can’t speak and move due to fullness.

Service Wise: This is where they failed. For me, great service is one of the factors that you should take into consideration when running a food business. We have to call the waitress or waiter several times before they attend to us. Plus, I have to stand up and get to their main station just to ask for our bill. We understand that they have other customers to attend too, but they should train their employees well on how to handle customers fast. Not only fast, they should be efficient too and SMILING always.

Money Wise: The place was actually cheap for a big group, when we split the bill, we paid 205 pesos each. It was affordable and everyone can eat here.

To go or Not to go: Definitely a must try for me especially if you are attached to Filipino foods. I would like to try their Bulalo next time, maybe for take out. 🙂

Location: Ortigas Ext., Taytay, Rizal Phone :284-3135/213-0617/661-2913


Pancakes, bowling and Team Shine on a stormy day

Last weekend was a memorable one, finally our long wait is over! Team Shine invited me over for a Team Breakfast/Team Bonding Time. The weather was not in our favor but thanks to Gen and Irish for the ride! Definitely a big help, I can’t imagine ourselves commuting over the metro while the wind was blowing and big rain drops are falling from the sky.

First stop was Pancake House, a well-known restaurant for its oh so yummy pancakes and great breakfast food!

With Team Shine, smile team!

My seatmates Chris, Dredd and Rozz.

Dredd with her breakfast plate, enticing!

Rozz and I had the same order, spaghetti, blueberry pancakes and a hot cup of cappuccino.

Hubs, Martin, Dredd, TM Shine, Jem, Chris and TL Joey ♥

Next, it was time to get physical! Bowling bowling bowling! We actually went to SM Megamall first thinking the Bowling area was still there. Too bad, it was not there anymore, all we found was a bigger version of Toy Kingdom. (Please SM Megamall, update your touch screen mall guide, we saw it there before going down, kinda misleading.) We ended up going to Robinson’s Galleria, thank goodness they did not move it. Bowling center is located at the 4th floor in case you wanna visit it. Enough of ranting, let’s go to the main event.

I cannot remember the last time I played this game, I think 5 years ago? Still, it’s never too late to try again. Everyone played great, I cannot believe it was Rozz’s first time to play bowling. She was so great. Of course Jem was all good with her dancing mantras (Sorry, I was not able to take a video, my Blackberry’s battery got drained and my digital camera’s memory does not have enough space).

TM Shine for a strike!

Chris waiting for his turn…

Here they go… strike again please!

Most of the time I used the green and yellow one, the other colors I won’t dare use, TOO HEAVY for me! Haha!

Shiny floors and wooden things, cute right?

Waiting for the technician, screen was stuck.

These shoes are actually comfortable, just a little cleaning and I can use one with shorts and plain white top. Fashion sense huh?

Round one! Team Martin won! Woot Woot!

Dredd did not play due to back issues, nevertheless, she can still pose in front of the camera.

We said our goodbyes after the game, the four of us headed back again to SM Megamall and for the nth time, ATE AGAIN!

Chicken Charlie at BGC

Most of the time, before or after work, I love to take a walk. You know, just to ease myself out of stress. One fine thing to do? Window and restaurant shopping! Wohoo! So one time, I was walking near Burgos Circle at the Fort and I saw this resto. Being a chicken fan, I said to myself I have to try it out.

I entered the area and was greeted nicely by the staff. At that time, I was the only customer so I took my time with the menu. Hmmm, my appetite actually changed, so I went for Meal D which was 5 pcs. Fish strips with rice, iced tea and some fries too. My food tastes good but I do recommend you try it out, not bad for the price, for me it’s very affordable. I will be back soon for some chicken time.

Happy eating!

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