Five Foods in a private island

21643622_5f015141e7_oDaily Prompt: Five a Day

You’ve being exiled to a private island, and your captors will only supply you with five foods. What do you pick?

Perfect timing! I went on a camping weekend with my college friends and I definitely know what are my wants. And also, if you are wondering where the above photo is, that’s Seychelles (a plus on my beach list to travel).

1. Water. No more questions asked, our cells need it.

2. Rice. Can’t live without it.

3. Coffee. Like number 2, I need it to perk up my body.

4. Vienna Sausage. My fave canned good.

5. Salted Egg. Can tomatoes be added please? 🙂

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery

Weekend calls for bonding! Tiring and long week so we decided to eat out. Been craving for the ever famous “mango bravo” from Conti’s Bakeshop and Restaurant. It’s a short walk from the office to Serendra where it’s located but since the sun was high, we opted to take the bus.

Good thing we didn’t have to wait so long to get a table, usually the area is booked on weekends.

Photos of us waiting and the interiors. Hmmm, I want to have a plate collection all of a sudden. 🙂

Alexa, you are approved as your shirt says! Haha! Smile!

Food is ready! Can you believe I didn’t eat rice this time? All american breakfast, everything here is delicious, I swear!

Of course, any visit will be useless without some cakes! Moist chocolate cake, Mango Bravo, Turtle pie and a special cake from Jude called the “Freedom cake” 😀 (thanks CK for helping out with the decoration).

Marie, Anna, Hilda, Jude and Alexa… I’m behind the camera.

I decided to wear my “sapin-sapin” top to drive away the negative vibes. Guess I should wear more colorful clothes, like bright yellow, pink and blues!

HERE IS MY SURPRISE! Do not laugh! Sorry for the grammatical lapses 😀

You better watch this video, I know how much you love the movie “Wicker Park”… coincidence or not but the little lady’s name is Alexa.

8065 Bagnet I will come back, I promise!

My sister Lily Rose is also an “eater” (it’s a term I usually use for people who loves to eat, as in EAT) Last week, May 8, 2012 she brought us to this place called 8065 Bagnet. She had been here once she said, a friend of hers suggested the place. She invited me to come with her and to tell you honestly, I declined at first since that would be after my night shift and I wanted to sleep. She said “But that’s Bagnet” I said, “So what? I never heard of that place before”. BUT good thing, I still agreed in the end.

I am not that familiar with the busy streets of Makati. I will get lost if I will go there alone. Life is good, my parents came by too, that means, no hassle when it comes to transportation since they have a car.

The place is quite hard to find specially for first timers, I was expecting that it was a big one. The area is kinda small but people kept coming and going, I think that is one indication we are in a good place. What I loved about the interior is that they have these old school antique yellowish type of atmosphere (if this was not a restaurant, I can literally sleep here all day).  They have old books, written walls, antique figurines and all that.

About their food, everything I guess is a must try! FOR REAL! All the dishes we ordered tasted so good. We had Bagnet Binagoongan (which I enjoyed the most) Bagnet Spicy Gata and Bagnet Kare-Kare. Just be extra careful if you are high blood. It’s hard to stop eating, try their pastillas too! One of the best ones I have ever tasted. Consumer wise, theirs are not pricey. Food was affordable and worth it, as I said above “I will come back for more”. My personal rating 4/5.

Please take time to check the pictures below and here are additional details if you want to visit them.

8065 Bagnet, Makati

8065 Estrella st., San Antonio Village Makati City, Metro Manila Philippines

(02) 519-6511

This is what you need to look for if it’s your first time.

Outside exterior of the restaurant.

Art finds! 🙂 Wish I wrote my name on the wall too! And look at that GOLD gong! so beautiful!

Their contact numbers in case you need it!

Their prices, not so pricey at all compared to others! Our bill landed close to 900 pesos for 5 persons! Not bad right?

Yellow lights I was telling you about earlier.

Time for some picture taking while waiting for the food.

Here it is! YUM YUM YUM!

We had bagnet Binagoongan, Spicy Gata and Kare-Kare

Bagnet and Enseladang Talong.

Happy eating!

With my family!

My solo pic 🙂 Thanks sister!

Other artsy stuff I found outside.

Isabelo Garden Restaurant, a taste of heaven!

Last year, my Team Manager Eldrige celebrated his birthday. We watched ZsaZsa Zaturnnah Ze Muzikal first at CCP and afterwards we headed to Isabelo Garden Restaurant located in Marikina City. This restaurant really amazed me, first thing that popped in my head, it would be a very lovely idea to dine in here if you want to propose to your partner. The place was romantic and everything was perfectly placed, from old lamps, seashells, plants, lights, everything! All those things, makes me wanna be there all day and night! I apologized if I were not able to take pictures of the food, but I guarantee you, absolutely the entire menu is a must try. This place is only for reservation though and they only serve dinner, so make sure you don’t miss visiting their website or calling them before you go there. One more thing about this restaurant is that the very gorgeous owner actually assists her customers. We were actually a bit late for our schedule but she still waited for us, very kind of her. So for those of you who haven’t been to heaven, visit this place and soon, you will find yourself planning another dinner in advance.

The owner, Ms. Portia Dee Baluyut (I do not own this picture, this was taken from their website)

With the birthday boy, TM Eldrige

One lovely painting

You can take pictures even in the washroom! So picture perfect!

The artistic place matches my artistic pants

Cozy lights

Who wouldn’t want to dine in here?