Laughtrip with parody music videos!

With all the changes around me, I need a good laugh. My sister shared these music videos that sent me all over my room! It was hellava crazy and entertaining! I really cannot comment more, just watch them and you will literally experience belly cramps.

“Laughter will always be the best medicine”

I will always be a fan of Beyonce, she is one of the greatest singers of all time.

Rihanna as always, excites me on how she make her music videos.

Lastly, cheers to Katy Perry, my all time favorite!

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The Aralars on Youtube!

Forgive me for sharing this late, I almost forgot I have a Youtube account! Most of the time, when my sisters and I have nothing good to do, we make crazy videos. Some people, most of our friends call us the CRAZY sisters, can’t disagree on that. We just love to sing and dance and have fun! So far, these are my favorites!

I was asked to sing Adele’s Set Fire to the Rain, one of the hardest songs! I cannot level up to her but I was glad the band was able to pull it off. Not bad, plus, I gained new friends!

Up in Baguio and nothing else to do? Go to the woods and make a video! I got a lot of compliments for this video, glad my friends really liked it! 🙂

My famous SOLO dance video to the tune of Waka Waka! Everyone can dance to this beat!

Lastly, this is how crazy we can get!

Peace, Love and Smiles!