Wrapping up July!!!

Tomorrow is the last day of July! Whew! The long wait was over, I am now officially a young lady/adult. Wohooo! Cheers to being 28! Thank you so much for my wonderful birthday greetings! I got tons, all of them are memorable but these crazy friends of mine went out of their way and exerted extra effort that made me super happy 🙂

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And lastly, gifts!!!

Thanks Cla, Rose and Allen Mae 🙂


Now it’s time to start another birth year! Thank you Lord for all the never-ending blessings, family and friends!

Women of the World and My Loving Parents


Mark your calendar Girls, Women, Ladies and Gals! It’s our month! This is the best time to reflect and act. Reflect how we have been as the Women of the World and how we lived our life to the fullest. Act to make ourselves better and stronger. Yes there may be down times, but self forgiveness is always there. You must forgive yourself first to move on and get to the next level. Never underestimate the power of your inner goddess. As we go along, we age, true, but that doesn’t mean we just age, we must age gracefully and we should not forget the pieces of wisdom that we get along the road.

To all my chikas out there! Make sure you are having fun this month. Why not?

  • Buy a shoe that you have been eyeing for a long time
  • Travel with your girlfriends or solo
  • Watch chick flicks that make you cry or laugh at the same time
  • Have a mani and pedi

Endless list! These are just my suggestions… and to all the men out there, treat your woman or wife! Why not?

  • Spend a day with her and have a picnic (picnic with a blanket and a basket okay)
  • Massage her feet, slowly. Please do not rush this time! 🙂
  • Kiss her and tell her how much she means to you and your life wouldn’t be the same without her uniqueness and never-ending love
  • It may sound corny but why not print your favorite photo with your special girl and put it near your bed, digital prints are awesome displays!

You see, it’s not just about women being women, the question is, how do you and I become one? It’s your call, a true Woman of the World embraces her own curves, eat what she wants and jogs her way back while putting their pink lipstick on, while tapping her toes to her favorite beat. Always smiling at whatever she does with a kick ass attitude but never forgets to be humble and giving.

Leaving you with one of my fave tracks that keeps me going since 2007 🙂


Giving a shout-out to my loving parents! Today is their anniversary, happy 32 years of wonderful marriage Mom and Dad. Thank you for the genes, lol! I cannot thank the Lord for always having you around and my siblings. Cheers!


Christmas Air 2012

Oh I can’t be more excited! I can smell Christmas already! It is true that Philippines celebrate the Christmas season longer than any other countries. We usually start our gift shopping when the Ber months hit the calendar. Personally, our family puts up our Christmas tree on November 1, that’s also the time I start shopping for gifts.

This year is gonna be a busy one, I need to be stronger physically, reserve energy for I will be totally active in all areas. Yes, I am all over the place and I need to be more efficient in managing my time. Already organizing 4 Christmas exchange gifts and parties (wish lists time!). Also, one big event coming up, since my Barkada and I were not able to give our donations last time to “The Sisters of the Poor”, we are gonna do it before Christmas! Woot! Woot! So happy and excited already!

There is no better way to celebrate the Christmas season but to give and give and give anything you can to help the community.

Anyway, please watch this! ABS-CBN Station ID’s will always be the best in town! ♥

When my birthday arrived…

…I was at work. Yup, you heard me right, I was at work and I went out at 10 in the morning Manila time. This is not my first time to celebrate my birthday in the office, nevertheless, this was the most memorable. I received three cakes, got one from Jude, Mhadz and my Batch 12 team members. All of them were so sweet!

After work, I headed straight to Megamall Ortigas and rode a FX going home to Binangonan. Got my cake from Goldilocks which I have ordered two weeks ago, took a bath and got ready. It was also the blessing of our new saint Our Lady of Guadalupe. Mainly, my visitors were my parents’ friends and our relatives. At night, four close friends came by and ate dinner.

Foods and table!

My sister getting ready to eat!

Picture time around the house…

My H&M wedge, love it! Fits my dress perfectly!

Kriss eating puto.

Rose eating chicken.

The Lechon! Birthdays are incomplete without them I guess! Hmmmm, yummy!

Kids waiting for the party to start.

The birthday celebrants, Caitlyn and I.

My family ♥

My relatives from Mother side.

Lechon and cake, hungry again!

Father blessing Our Lady of Guadalupe.

My moms’ friends eating 🙂

Let’s blow the candles Cait!

With Tito Buboy and Tita Michelle, lovely couple!

My friends, thanks for droppin’ by.

Books that I got as gifts! Thank you Mhadz, Rose, Kriss and Parents!

My 6 cakes : Jude, Dredd and Rozz, Mhadz, Batch 12, Myself and Contreras Family. I will always be sweet because of this!

Bhammy and her red Tanduay Ice.

Havin’ some good conversations.

My Barkada’s gift! Super Nice starry dangling earrings, thanks girls!

AGAIN, I cannot stress how thankful I am for all the greetings and love you have shown me on my special day. Looking forward to another year with more love, hugs and kisses! ♥♥♥