Hey Stormless Sky

The term Stormless Sky was introduced to me by this gorgeous young lady. Yep! And it was her birthday yesterday. Cheers dearest for being 26, that’s how young you are! I know you have so many dreams in life and one day, you will be able to fulfill them. Take baby steps until you are full-grown 🙂 Thank you for being one great friend! Of course, the coffee moments, book endeavors, poetry sharing sessions and endless chika minutes will always stay in my heart. May your faith bring you closer to God.

I love yah and again, happy birthday!


Her sky is different

For no matter how cloudy it is, or rainy it may seem

It will always be Stormless

Now that’s one positive perspective



I was forced to live far beyond my years when just a child, now I have reversed the order and I intend to remain young indefinitely.

– Mary Pickford


To the Moon Garden and back

Work lately seems a bit stressful. It happens I know and this is one of the few moments where you just want to fly to the Moon and never return. Biggest thanks to Jona for inviting Dredd and I on one of her happy place, the MOON! Nadah! The Moon Garden also known as Lily’s Pond. We don’t have a car but who can stop us, pede naman mag commute right? Kung kaya ko lang talagang mag bike baka ginawa ko na. Haha! Forgive me if I’m gonna tell my story the Tag-Lish way. Some happy things are easier to explain in Tagalog words.

1One, two, three… let’s do this! The two Dora girls are Jona and Dredd (please follow and check out their blog din), sila ang kasama ko sa weekend getaway na ito. I have traveled once with Dredd when we attended a wedding last January, as for the three of us, this is the first. Maya maya ko na ikwekwento ang mga qualities nila. Lol! As we go along na lang.

Back to Moon Garden, once you get to the area, you will be greeted by colorful flowers and yes, super duper green plants. Look, may heart pa sa halaman! How cute diba?

2Hindi ako matigil sa kakasabi ng “Ang ganda naman ng place na to”… and when Bong (the caretaker) opened the door of our room, my jaw dropped open. I was speechless for a split second and before I knew it, I was screaming like a child with delight. I tell you, you have to visit the place to feel how wonderful it is to be there. Just standing in the middle of a nature inspired room makes me wanna sleep all day or write poetry.

3Not to waste so much time, we started out the photo session, haha! Yes, I love being with these two! Hindi kami matigil kaka selfie. Hindi ko na nga sinama lahat ng photos dito kasi feeling ko mauumay na ang mga mag babasa ng blog ko. Haha! Pero promise, I love them because they are so kikay… like I! 🙂

4Dredd was the one responsible for making our itinerary. First stop after checking in at Moon Garden was Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm. Commuting in Tagaytay was an easy one, kasi trike or jeep lang naman ang sasakyan most of the time. From the place we were staying, we just needed to ride a trike going to Rotonda and then ride a jeepney going to Ilog Maria. The heavens must really be on our side most of the time, when the jeep dropped us where the signage says “Ilog Maria” a family with a SUV said we can hop in since they are looking for the same place. Who can get any luckier than us right? Life is full of blessings! Buti na lang talaga at sinakay nila kami… kasi medyo malayo pala ang lalakarin in case. At malamang sa alamang, hulas hulas na ang make up ko pag nag kataon. Pero in fairness, since hindi naman ako masyadong pawisin, kapit na kapit pa din ang mahiwaga kong lipstick. Thank you mommy dearest at matibay ang gift mo! *wink wink*

5The place was not what I expected it to be. Sabagay, hindi pa naman talaga kasi ako nakakapunta sa bee farm. But I was thinking that it would be like a small place only with lots of beehives. It turned out, they have a small shop, a big green garden with bee hives and yes… ang ilog.

6As you can see, we roamed around the area first and then we decided to ask the guard where is the river. Good thing, may isang grupo din na gusto makita ang ilog so we followed them.

7It’s not a big one as you can see sa photo. Hindi na kami bumaba kasi baka hindi na din kami makaakyat. Haha! After a few minutes, we walked back to the store.


Eto na! Eto na talaga, ang mga temptations. I just want to buy all the soaps! Okay, kahit lahat na lang ng Lavander soaps okay na ako. But we are on a trip budget, so hinay hinay lang ako sa pag shop. I can always visit the place in the future naman once I decide to go on a solo vacay again. Ang ending, I bought three stuff from them, photo above, upper right hand corner (massage oil, bee pollen and lavander soap). Yes, I so love myself, I know how to fight with my other self na, three items lang nabili ko!


After our short nature trip, it’s time to bond again. One common denominator that we have? Coffee! We ended up having a long talk at the new Starbucks and yes, more photo ops. Night time came and it’s time for dinner. Sino ba naman ang aayaw sa Bulalo pag asa Tagaytay ka diba? Yes there are a lot of diner and restaurants that offer masarap na Bulalo, but one of them would be Leslie’s. Thank you Dennis sa napakaraming sabaw sana pala yun na lang ang inulam namin, haha!


Now that we are so full… it’s time to head back to Moon Garden. Look how cozy the place is! :p For me the bed is talking “Come and sleep dearie, look how soft and white I am” (Yes, I do talk to things at times).


Before sleeping, cam time muna! Ewan ko ba bat kami pinagsama sama ng tadhana. Mga  half-day selfie pede na samin. Hindi naman halata na maga ang mga mata namin from crying right? We had some deep talk and some realizations about life. It feels great to have real good friends you can confide with.

Dredd, what can I say? She was my first close friend when I transferred sa new Line of Business. She just came from her maternal leave at that time and I really had no idea how we became close, but as far as I remember, she and Rozzel were my constant companions back in the day. I do remember having funny and cool conversations with them. Funny how life separates friends and then bring them back together. Nagkahiwalay din kami ni Dredd because I needed to change Teams, now I say I am happy to spend most of the time with her ulit. We are currently under one team and same time ng shift. Hoping maka bond na namin si Rozzel soon, miss her so much!

Jona, Jona, Jona… this wonderful lady I just met because of a special project sa office. I knew from the start that she was smart and she can write her thoughts well. True enough, just read her blog and you will understand what I’m saying. She’s the cool kid on the block with super funny antics. Promise, I thought my antics were over the top hilarious! Yung kanya ibang level! I won’t spill them, baka hindi na niya ako kausapin, haha! Hoping to spend more time with her so I can get to fully know her.

12Here we are! Umagang kay ganda na! Ang comfy comfy ng bed, I swear I don’t wanna get up. I just wanna cuddle up all day! I just love my neon sports bra, haha! Feeling ko ang happy happy ko when I am wearing something bright.

13But that can’t be, breakfast is ready and so as our tummy’s. Ready to fight?

14And who would not squirm at the sight of these? Yumminess all over! Wala akong masabi, from the food presentation and the taste, masarap talaga! Super sulit ang price! And this I may say is one place na gusto kong mag breakfast for 5 hours? I am not joking, I can literally sit all day and not care just as long as I have a book handy.

15Of course, we needed to check the whole area again and take photos to share with you guys. There are other great blogs out there so be sure visit them for clearer photos. I just used my phone that’s why the quality is not that clear, I have to apologize for that.

16Walked some more, green na green lang talaga ang peg ng place na ito. Very friendly to the human eye I must say.

17We ate our sumptuous breakfast here (photo on right side). It’s surrounded by water and lilies!


More lilies? Here they are! You won’t ever wonder why it’s also called Lily Pond.


At ang aming mga mumunting kalokahan. Mag pa pic daw ba sa damuhan? Puno? at Birds of Paradise? 🙂


The place will invite the bookworm in you din. The owner himself placed a lot of books and magazines to read.

At this point, it’s time to leave and eat lunch. As much as we don’t wanna go and I don’t want to leave the soft bed alone, we have to. 😦

21Lunchtime before going back to Manila… we chose Bag of Beans. I’ll give the place a 4/5 rating, very nice but malamok ng konti (besides, kagatin naman talaga ako ng insekto, haha). The food, for me was the best. Medyo may kamahalan lang but the servings are big naman so I guess worth it siya.

22And the last thought I had in mind was the unforgettable BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE. I have loved them since college days but this one topped all the Blueberry Cheesecake I have ever tasted in my entire life. Hindi ako OA, just being true. It was not so sweet like the others and the mix of softness and melted Blueberry made me fall in love. It has been three weeks from the time I first tasted this to die for cake and I am very willing to go back to Tagaytay just to have a taste of it again.

To these two wonderful ladies! May our bond and closeness tighten as days continue to roll by. Cheers to the selfie momentos and those who says that eating will make us fat. LOL!

***If you want to visit The Moon Garden, check out their Facebook Page and feedback at TripAdvisor.***

Pampanga’s Best, let’s do this!

inviteWe were invited by Mr. and Mrs. Figueroa for the Christening of their first son, Dwayne Dom. We were more than guests, we were God mothers and God fathers of this little cutie. Proud to be a part of this big event, I made the invite above and so glad that Jeanne (Dom’s mother) loved it so much.

pampanga's best (1) Since the event falls on a Sunday, we decided to have a quick road trip and left after our Saturday shift. First stop, the famous San Guillermo Church where Santino used to pray for the Filipino Teleserye “May Bukas Pa“. For those who plan on going anywhere Pampanga, this is a must visit! Why? It’s so beautiful! An earthquake and the Mt. Pinatubo eruption may have ruined it, but it’s still very captivating.

pampanga's best (2) A closer look, old and ruined by time.

pampanga's best (3)From the outside, the Church may look small. Wait until you get inside, you will be more than amazed. The altar is glorious! You will notice small bats that hang around the ceiling. The area is quite big on the inside and I have seen some weddings that was celebrated here on Facebook. Must feel nice walking on these wide aisle 🙂 Photo on the lower right shows how deep the Church was buried. That used to be the upper part of the windows.

pampanga's best (4)The right side holds “Museo de Bacolor” where they kept numerous paintings and photos of San Guillermo Church. You can see pictures of how the place looked like before and after being buried in hot molten lava. If you walk a little further, you will notice their small adoration chapel, so unique and I tell you, this is a room where you can feel the Lord’s presence, so quiet and homey.

pampanga's best (5) One of the paintings that awed me.

pampanga's best (6) One last photo before we continue on our road trip, meet Arjay, Daniel, Ruby, I and Ami. Gen took our photo 🙂

pampanga's best (7) Second stop… Toll House. Any road trip would not be complete without trying out the best restaurants in town. Ask anyone how’s the food and service, I bet they would all tell you that they had the best experience. This was my second time to eat here, the first time was when we attended the Hot Air Balloon Fest. Like the first, the food didn’t fail me at all, I enjoyed my yummy Caesar salad and Calamansi juice.

pampanga's best (8)Now that our stomach is filled with food as it should be, we drove to Antonina’s Resort. Fixed our stuff and started our mini drinking session. So many funny, “kilig”, and laugh out loud stories. Being with a cool crowd is a must when going out. No dull moments, just good music, stories and fun stuff. When dinner time came, our tummies were at the war zone again, thus making us leave Antonina’s to Ronald’s house (Dom’s father). But before that, we needed to search for this super big cake since it’s Ron’s birthday. Good thing, there’s Goldilocks! Dinner was quick and before we knew it, we were back at the resort having a good time at the pool.

pampanga's best (9)Sunday came and the new batch of God mothers arrived. We bought pandesal and coffee early in the morning. But wait, there’s more, can you imagine a group of crazies hopping from one store to another looking for “toothpicks” early in the morning? Hmmm, that would be us? Lol! Ms. Glory would be finishing her cupcakes and toothpicks are really important for this one. Though we got weird replies from cashiers, we didn’t care. We still asked and looked, thanks to a small shop who has one! Life saver! Look how happy we were making these cute blue and yellow cupcakes. Thanks to Ms. Glory for letting us help her with the design and toppings, it was a fun experience.

pampanga's best (10)Time to swim for a while before the main event.

pampanga's best (11) Tadah! A sunny and good morning to everyone! The photos above were taken during the Christening ceremony inside the ‘Parish of the Lord’s Ascension’. Jeanne and Ronald looked so happy all through out the event, big smiles everywhere.

pampanga's best (12) The God fathers and God mothers with the Figueroa Family. 🙂

pampanga's best (13) Before leaving the Church.

pampanga's best (14) Lunchtime food attack! Thank you so much Jeanne for the overflowing food and drinks, sorry I was not able to sing because I feel so sleepy after eating a lot! Haha! Again, you made our tummy so happy.

pampanga's best (16)All kinds of meat and chicken viands plus veggies, talk about “handaan”. Another cute souvenir, baby cupcakes and my vanity moments.

pampanga's best (15)One last photo of the group, it was indeed a fun, unforgettable, full of happy moments weekend! (Meg, I, Ruby, Anna, Rosche, Dan, Mhadz, Gen, Ronald, Jeanne, Glory and Ami.

pampanga's best (17)To close the event, we stopped at Razon’s for the best halo halo in town. A few minutes of reminiscin’ on how the weekend went then we’re back on the road to Manila.

One reminder, wear sunblock if possible especially if you are going to visit Pampanga during the summer season. The weather was really hot and I bet you would stop at any halo halo store just to cool the temperature of your body.

Third Sunday of December

Start of Christmas parties! Before I go to sleep and rest. I would like to share my third Sunday. Had a blast with these girls and Ton of course (the only guy in our group). Though Mafel, Bham and Levy didn’t make it, at least we had a good time.
Christmas Party 2012 (2)Sending our Christmas greeting to everyone ♥

Christmas Party 2012 (3)My outfit: Statement shirt, pants, and Primadonna shoes 🙂

Christmas Party 2012 (4)

Played with lights

Christmas Party 2012 (5)

Laughing Yoga with my dearest girls!

Christmas Party 2012 (6)

Can’t believe I survived wearing that pair!

Christmas Party 2012 (7)Solo and vanity moments

Christmas Party 2012 (8)We got some freebies from each other, thanks to Jambi for the necklace and Sheera for the headbands, also, bracelets from Marco.

Christmas Party 2012 (1)Nice sunset right?

That’s it for now! How was your Sunday? Hope you had a good time too like mine.

My usual weekends with #NueveD

Saturdays and Sundays are my favorite part of the week, simply because there’s no work and I get to spend time with my family and close friends. Last Saturday, though I was tired to death from singing the fun didn’t end there.

As you know, I have 8 close girl friends, they are actually my high school friends and up to now, we are still together (though technically, the other one is currently living and working at Saudi Arabia). Our house falls in the middle of all houses, so I guess that is one reason why we always stay here at our place. Since they have been a normal part of my daily life since high school, they can come and go as they please, these girls know where to go and they are welcome 24/7.

Normally, we would talk about everything and anything under the sun. We love to eat together while chatting non-stop. I thank GOD for these wonderful friends whom I consider sisters for life.

They arrived while I was sleeping, they bought food so I left them in the dirty kitchen . Look how busy they are!

Cooking has never been this fun right?

Three girls busy with food preparations, one girl busy texting, one girl busy chatting.

We can’t find the can opener, so the meat loaf turned into this. Not so presentable looking right?

Ron, Sheera, Bham, Ghel, Mafel, Jhong and Jambi 🙂

Myself, Sheera, Bham, Ghel, Mafel, Jhong and Jambi


Chicken mami ala king by Jambi… with orange toppings!

Our own version of “Pandesal Crust with sliced Maling and Egg in the middle”. Tastes great actually!

Thanks Jhong for your perfect “Home made Iced Coffee”. Finally after the third attempt, there are not more coffee bits left! *peace*

Sending our kisses to Belah, our dear friend in Saudi Arabia. We miss your Angelina Jolie pout!

I guess this is a vision of a drunken person, haha!

I was laughing all the time because of the things they were saying. I couldn’t help it!

Marco is serious and Jhong is… checking her phone?

The drunken laughter echoes through the night.