Hua Mulan, the comb that changed my life

Three years ago, every waking moment of my life, I can’t count the loose hairstrands on my pillow. Hairfall, was one big problem. I have tried all things when it comes to taking good care of my hair… coconut shampoo, shampoo only every other day, use a silk pillowcase, the list goes on and still, my hair keeps detaching from my scalp. 😦

Then came a day when I was strolling along SM Megamall when I stumbled upon a store named HUA MULAN: combs and accessories. It was a haven of fine combs, the best part? all are made of wood! The saleslady was explaining their product and I listened carefully. She said something I will never forget “Maam, nakakalessen yan ng hairfall” (in english, “Maam, it lessens hairfall”) Kaboom! The moment she said the magic word, I knew I had to get one for myself. I can’t help but easily fall in love with this cute addition in my kikay kit.

Three years and I am still using it, call me a bit crazy or what but I feel incomplete without this comb. I can’t leave the house if it’s not inside my bag or purse. There are even times when I thought I lost it and I will search endlessly until I find it again. Consequently, the saleslady was right! I said good bye to my hairfall problems maybe after 2 months after I bought it. I am so contented with this product and I can say it will never be a waste of money. Trust me, you can even quote me on this “Hua Mulan combs are the worlds finest combs” on earth.

Just the other day, while I was shopping for some Christmas presents, the same store caught my attention again. I told myself, maybe after three years of using it, I deserve another one. True enough, the urge was too strong to fight, within minutes, I was asking my sister to help me choose a different style. And now, I got another one with a handle. After some time, my sister said she wanted the same comb that I bought to be her gift. Since I will not give her my new comb in any way, I just got her a new one! Now my sister will be as happy as me for sure! Thank you so much Hua Combs, my hair problems were all long gone.

To all of you who’s reading this, it’s just not about hairfall but more of taking good care of your crowning glory. Go and visit this stores below! Purchase one for yourself and do not forget to like their page in Facebook.

SM Megamall Bldg A 2nd Level

SM North Edsa Annex 2nd Level

SM North Edsa The Block 2nd Level

Robinson’s Place Manila 2nd Level