Goal to achieve


The other day, I was browsing through my phone and found this photo. It was my lovely niece Caitlyn who took this shot and she caught my happiness on camera. I remember I was sort of dancing then she said “Tita, can I use your cam?”. Little did I know I was her subject, oh such a sweet lil’ kid.

She did set a reminder that I must not waste my life on worry and live the moment (all the time) and when the end comes… DIE HAPPY. 🙂

I’m turning 28 and I still don’t care

2143468Now my blog title may seem rude. It’s 3:13 AM and my eyelids are light as a feather. Please sleep, where are you when I needed you the most? Hmm… he’s gone and visited another soul in need of rest. (I guess?)

So back to my drama… I am having some birthday blues this early. But yeah, I learned that the greatest advice I can give to someone is to “not care at all”. Not care in a sense of not caring what the world will say about the things that you do. We will all learn from our experiences and honestly there are moments I feel I don’t really have a say when friends or loved ones ask me for an advice. It’s different when you are the one inside the box and the one standing outside the box.

I have always felt so carefree when I do not care or give a damn about what others will say. I SING, SCREAM, DANCE and JUMP, whenever and wherever I like. They may label me as crazy but I have freedom in my hands and if this is the way for me to really have a taste of it, then I let it be. Same goes with you! 99% of the people around us would not really care, so why worry? Worrying is such a killer! As Nike said, “JUST DO IT” and I have to add, STICK to it.

Be a happy pill like me! ♥

Mirror of Happiness


Happiness starts from within
True joy will burst like a fountain
Once you learn to embrace yourself

Happiness comes in different form and sizes
True joy will always be handy if you do what you love
Once you share it, it never fails to multiply

Happiness is the key to achieving things
True joy will always follow after
Once you risk it all and free yourself from worry

For once, let it all go and experience happiness and real joy from within

Joyful plans for my 28th Birthday

“Days are fast, and I want to fill them with lovely, joyful moments.”

Turning 28 soon, my birthday will fall on a Thursday, July 25, 2013. Cannot be more excited!!! This is gonna be real great and loads of fun. After 3 weeks of self-reflection, I came up with this list!

1) Will cut my hair and give it to Donate Your Hair Org after my cousin’s wedding which happens to be a few days before my birthday. I told myself that if I will be a successful nurse, I want to specialize on being an Oncology Nurse. Hmmm… I am far from being one as of the mean time, but I still want to help. Giving up my crowning glory will be hard, but I know I will make another person so happy. To all my friends who wants to crop their hair for a change or any personal reason, DONATE your hair! Double up the happiness!

2) I know my family and friends will plan a party for me or give me gifts and cakes. They never fail to surprise and make me the happiest person alive on my special day. I need to tell them to just support my birthday plans and just donate cash instead. 🙂 I will sign up for World Vision Project where in you can celebrate your birthday for the benefit of World Vision Kids.

3) I recently launched my online shop Twinkle The Star (preloved items) and 50% of the total sales will be included for my planned donation under World Vision. I am still on the process of fixing my shop, I am afraid it will take a few more weeks, once it’s fully loaded, hope you can shop to make this event possible and help other kids.

Being alive for the past 27 years is a huge blessing, with all the love I have received from the souls I have met, I am the luckiest star ever. Yes there were tough times, but I have learned the trick of living life to the fullest… that is by SHARING MY JOY 🙂 I want a better place and future for my loved ones and family, helping others will make this possible.