After a three straight days of being under the sun
My skin feels so hot like the freshly toasted buns

The once white and smooth skin
Turned into tan, far from being satin

Now it’s peeling and my skin feels stretched from within
More like my soul is being renewed from all that has been

First Sunday of December

I planned to stay at home today since I was sick last week and my body needed some rest. Then again, how can I resist “family time” temptation? Aside from that, sisters Rose and Kriss wrestled me to death when I declined to go the first time. We went out with our good ‘family friends’ Tita Lhen, NJ, and Em.

Big ChillWe first visited Glorietta, walked a bit, took some photos and sipped fruit juices while mom accompanied Tita Lhen for some bag shopping. NJ, made me laugh so hard with his funny stories, hmmm… very good! Guys should really know how to make good impressions these days.
sunday love (1)After that we headed straight to Mall of Asia and had dinner at Harbor View. Good thing it was not raining or anything earlier.

sunday love (2)

Do not forget to try out their roasted chicken! Tastes good! And as always… bottomless iced tea, finished 5 glasses!

sunday love (3)

Spent some time walking along the bay… so many lovers!

sunday love (4)

Big smiley face! Lovely wheel right, so colorful!

sunday love (6)I would like to take this home and place it inside my room, lol! 🙂

sunday love (5)

Partners in crime: LJ, JL, Rose, Kriss and Em

sunday love (7)Tita Lhen, my mom and the big Christmas tree.

sunday love (8)With my family minus dad (at home), eldest brother (at home), eldest sister (in the US).

sunday love (9)

Lights! Lights! Lights!

sunday love (10)

Train lights!

sunday love (12)I told them, “BIG SMILES PLEASE” 😉

sunday love (13)

Baby, let’s cruise the night away!

So there! Hopefully everyone had a nice start of December… let’s make each day count, share the love!

Tita! Where is the sunblock?

The weather yesterday was so weird, it had a twist of sun, wind and rain showers. Still, that didn’t stop my mom from visiting one of her friends. Caitlyn and I tagged along since it was a Sunday and I know there’s a swimming pool. Yes! Water water water!

Since I cancelled my Caramoan trip last July and Cebu trip this past September for some personal reason, I needed a quick and free getaway!

Nature tripping and lots of green!

A place for the orchids, they are just starting so no flowers yet.

My Tita Tek made this yummy treat! One of the best Filipino delicacies!

Caitlyn, my daughter, lol! Jokin’ she’s my niece but almost everyone says she looks like me. Maybe because I named her and took care of her most of the time.

Caitlyn: Tita Joy, where is the sunblock? We can’t swim!

Tita Joy: Yes we can, let me just kiss you and it will protect you from the sun! (I love how kids accept all explanations then ask again, haha!)

When swimming, always start with “bubbles”.

I spent 3/4 of the time laughing, we own the pool! How cool was that?

While floating Caitlyn said, “Tita don’t die yet!” I almost drowned due to excessive laughing. 🙂

***Happy moments***

“Grown-ups never understand anything by themselves, and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explaining things to them” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery



Picture taking!

She’s so adorable!

My Tito’s place at Antipolo Rizal

This one caught my eye from afar.

Plastic cup on our heads.

I asked her to form a heart but her hands are chubby. 🙂

Look at that! Roof of stars!

Time to go now! Thank goodness the sun was not so hot, no sunblock? Who cares?

UPDATE as of June 18, 2013

Please add them on Facebook if you are interested to pay a visit and have a great time! 🙂