Remnants of a broken hourglass


I love  you

And the smell of your skin under the sheets

God knows how much I am willing to trade everything

Just to touch your face for one last time


I confess and I won’t play safe

You make me feel so alive

You cut me into pieces and digs me up like no one else


As the sands inside the hourglass falls slowly

Though we keep ourselves coated with lie

Your love

among all, is still divine

Visual Poetry: Teuthida Love III Teaser

Some have a way with words while some have a way of putting colors into words.

Last year I was given the chance to work for a Poem + Art Collaboration, of course with my one of my artist friend Niel. Both the poem and art received many praises and it was even featured on an Indonesian Online Magazine. Couldn’t be so proud of his work, I was just a chatterbox overflowing with words and I can’t believe someone noticed my poems. Recently, he is working on a project called “Teuthida Love” and I am so happy I was given the privilege to write the third poem! Couldn’t be more excited, above is the teaser of the collaboration we are working together. He also informed me he is working with another artist named Love (whom I am very excited to meet in person). Oh how I adore artistic ones!