The pavement was wet after the rain. The lights look so melancholic so I decided to keep my head down and watch my feet take one step after another. Then an old familiar voice said “Joyce!!!”. It took me a few seconds to realize that I’m face to face with someone from my past. A special person who’s so dear to me in so many ways.

Her smile was ear to ear, SCC never changed. She was still the girl I knew.

So what now? Was I the one who changed? I felt very different. Was it because I was sleepy and weary? A few words exchanged and I found myself walking the wet pavement again.

This time, I was more melancholic. My eyes started to swell. The past really is a lovely place, but we all know that should only visit them once in a while. My first heartbreak was painful like the rest. But there will always be a guardian angel from above who will lighten our load no matter how heavy it gets. In my case, it was SCC.

She was the one who
– drinks Peppermint Mocha with me
– walks endlessly from our school to Shangri-la
– drinks beer at the side of the road with me
– listens to my endless talks about how painful my heartbreak is
– goes to Tiendesitas with me to watch Top Suzara
– literaaly lends her shoulder when I’m crying
– gives me tissues or lends me her handkerchief when my tears are falling
– hugs me when I need them
– texts me constantly and asks if I am doing fine
– sings “Stand by me” with me along the hallway

By the time I reached home, I realized, I may have changed a bit and yes I am sleepy, then I knew, I missed her so. Without a doubt. SUGAR COATED CATHY will always hold a special place in my heart.

When love dies…


When love dies it is not only heartbreaking. It makes us cry and grieve for something special has left us. The pain comes in different levels and it changes us to a different person. A smarter one in most cases, while some choose to dwell in the dark shadows of love and won’t move on. Just like the sunflower above, the leaves wither, the petals turn into brown and fall. But it must not stop us from continuing to love another soul. Another soul that would be worth all the pain and suffering we have gone through. Learn to love again, soon the flowers will bloom and your world will be as colorful as before, only this time much sweeter.

The Glass Table

It started up with a small chip of mistake

We didn’t let it go

Until it tore our trust apart

Another chip on the end

That was caused by unwanted jealousy

Then triggered anger and hate

In time, the crack reached the middle of the table

In one wrong move, it fell

Thousands of small glass on the floor

Neither one of us wanted to pick the pieces

As we slowly walk away from each other

We bleed and cry