3rd out of 10 mornings before I turn 27 : JOY

Pure joy can be found in things that we really want to do. Most of the time I am all out and happy mainly because I enjoy life. However, that causes dilemma too. I am having a hard time choosing what do I really want to do, hence I accomplish less. I try this, I try that and never stick with anything… except this blog (which I am REALLY happy about).

My licensed profession is a nurse but I have never worked as one. All I want is to travel, eat, take pictures, write and be crazy. You may ask why I didn’t take up courses near my “so called wants”… hmmm… it is a very long story but I am sure you don’t want to know all the details. To cut the story short, my mom chose the course for me. I cannot blame her since she was the one who paid for my college tuition, but you know, I want to graduate. So I gave college my best shot and never did I regret it since I met a lot of wonderful souls.

Up to now, I am still in search for pure joy, for that one thing that will make me wanna celebrate each day. Life will bring me closer to that, I guess I just need to follow my heart’s passion now. Soon, I WILL BE THERE, 27 is still a young age right? 🙂



What I can say in 5 minutes

My mind goes blank for the first few seconds of my 5 minutes. One thought after another crosses my mind and before I can write it down it’s gone. However, there’s one thing that’s left, I want another work. Or a work that can make me truly happy. I need to make earrings again. Soon! Because I know that is where I am good at. Actually, I am at my best during “earrings making time”.

Need to follow my hearts desire for I am a bit lonely now. Lost in the middle of things and finding my way back to sanity again. Last minute for me now. My last word “Follow your heart too and write within 5 mins”.

It’s a powerful trick that will that can help you decipher what you really want to do in life. Happy Wednesday!