Looking in Jambi’s big brown eyes

One of my high school bestie’s celebrated her birthday last September 13. She just turned 26 and last Saturday she invited us over for a house-overnight party. It’s the type of party that we usually do! There are a lot of pro’s to a house party, first venue is free, second we can shout and dance all night until dawn in flip flops (and rap Linkin Park’s Song feeling like Chester B. and Mark S.), third we can eat all we want as long as one volunteers to cook (thanks Bham), fourth endless coffee (do I need to mention you Jhong?), and lastly we have moments of silence where in we open our hearts out and dish about some issues, personal or not.

We are supposed to be 9 but for some reason only 7 of us were able to attend (Bham was not yet present at the time of the pictorials, so sorry dear). In no particular position, please meet my wonderful friends again, Mafel, Ghel, Jhong, Levy and the birthday girl herself, Jambi. The 9th member is actually miles away from us so that makes her excuse valid, lol.  Dear Belah, we hope you are doing fine there in Saudi. We miss you a lot, and we are glad you are again Facebook friends with Levy. Lol!

Let’s get the party started!!! Videoke, our fave part and the of course, birthdays are incomplete without the The Bar citrus tequila (after two shots, I needed to have a power nap, haha).

Our in between photos while singing, facebooking, twittering, instagraming, drinking and chatting.

Coffee, taking photos, singing again and again, and eating.

Our IG photos from Jambi and Jhong’s account 🙂

Our gift! She loved it so much! Always remember Jambi, YOU ARE WORTH IT! All of us are! We love you too!

Again, happy birthday from your 8 besties! May God continue to shower you with wonderful things and give all that you deserve. More birthdays so we can rap again!

My usual weekends with #NueveD

Saturdays and Sundays are my favorite part of the week, simply because there’s no work and I get to spend time with my family and close friends. Last Saturday, though I was tired to death from singing the fun didn’t end there.

As you know, I have 8 close girl friends, they are actually my high school friends and up to now, we are still together (though technically, the other one is currently living and working at Saudi Arabia). Our house falls in the middle of all houses, so I guess that is one reason why we always stay here at our place. Since they have been a normal part of my daily life since high school, they can come and go as they please, these girls know where to go and they are welcome 24/7.

Normally, we would talk about everything and anything under the sun. We love to eat together while chatting non-stop. I thank GOD for these wonderful friends whom I consider sisters for life.

They arrived while I was sleeping, they bought food so I left them in the dirty kitchen . Look how busy they are!

Cooking has never been this fun right?

Three girls busy with food preparations, one girl busy texting, one girl busy chatting.

We can’t find the can opener, so the meat loaf turned into this. Not so presentable looking right?

Ron, Sheera, Bham, Ghel, Mafel, Jhong and Jambi 🙂

Myself, Sheera, Bham, Ghel, Mafel, Jhong and Jambi


Chicken mami ala king by Jambi… with orange toppings!

Our own version of “Pandesal Crust with sliced Maling and Egg in the middle”. Tastes great actually!

Thanks Jhong for your perfect “Home made Iced Coffee”. Finally after the third attempt, there are not more coffee bits left! *peace*

Sending our kisses to Belah, our dear friend in Saudi Arabia. We miss your Angelina Jolie pout!

I guess this is a vision of a drunken person, haha!

I was laughing all the time because of the things they were saying. I couldn’t help it!

Marco is serious and Jhong is… checking her phone?

The drunken laughter echoes through the night.