Abusing freedom

Normally, during work days, I would go straight to my Grandma’s house because it’s nearer compared to my parents’. Today, I found myself traveling home at 1am in the morning to my parents’ crib just to feel my bed. My bed, as in my real own bed. I do not complain that much about life because I know God would not give me challenges that I can’t handle. This week is just different from the rest. It makes me sad that my spirit is dwindling.

After an hour of commuting, instead of taking a trike at past 2 in the morning, I walked. A breather is what I need. The lights that reflected on the pavement and the silence of the road feels closer to home. However, it’s a no-no to walk alone (knowing also that I am a lady) though I feel walking on ‘safe ground’ since it’s my hometown. Talk about abusing my freedom 😦 what I did was risky.

Now I am in the comfort of my bedroom. A small yellow lamp beside me and a blowing electric fan keeps me company, but my mind is still all over the place. Maybe, I am in a mid life crisis.