Killing my blog


For some unknown reason, I decided to kill my blog the other day but DIDN’T HAPPEN. I have been very busy participating in life I felt like I had no more time to write. If I am not eating out with friends, or watching movies, or reading a book, I find myself sleeping or Instagram-ing. I intentionally didn’t ask my close friends if it’s okay to them if I kill my blog or whatsoever. Was busy working when I suddenly blurted out that I plan to do so. Of course they questioned me “Why?”, told them I do not feel so inspired at all and there’s so many things going on in my life. They asked me to think again real hard… pulled my brains and stuck a needle on my skin. Arghhhh! Then I said to myself today…

“What the hell am I thinking??? Why am going to kill one thing that I love the most? Personal friends of mine love visiting my site (Thank you so much from the deepest part of my soul). They say my blog is very ‘fun’ to browse and read. Some are surprised I even write poetry and consider me as an artist. My connection to this blog had been so real and killing this will be one great mistake. It may have started out of boredom but I made sure to share real life experiences of my travels and feelings. Besides, I did convince a few friends of mine to use WordPress and then I am gonna kill mine? For sure they will think I am one of the craziest lady they ever met. :)”

So now I need a “BLOG PUSH”. A push that will take me to higher limits in hopes of becoming a better blogger.

PUSH.PUSH.PUSH. As the quote above says, I will continue to look at the stars!

8th out of 10 mornings before I turn 27 : BOOKS

I am RICH because of my BOOKS. Lord knows how much money I have spent just so my collection would grow. Now I am actually thinking of selling all my other stuff and buy new books again. This book reading thing is becoming the greatest habit of all. Two more days and I will be receiving new books since I asked for them as birthday presents. I have read a lot of books so far which makes me realize, I need to update my BOOKWORM PAGE.

Reading never failed to take me to places I have never been, imagine things I didn’t know existed and knowing characters that I never thought I would meet. In time, I hope that my siblings and friends will learn to appreciate how important it is to have a book at the bedside table. I can sleep with books in my hands… and dream of them too.

I would like to thank the great authors of the world for sharing their innermost thoughts and values. Without these books, I am one lonely wanna be traveler sitting beside the window on a rainy day.