Mini Tagaytay, my happy place!


Here comes the rainy season. My favorite one. These are the times I find myself counting raindrops, sipping more coffee than usual, cooking “lucky me” to keep me warm and reading books non-stop to kill time and travel to another dimension.

So last night, I listed all my must read physical books. I almost died when my I finished my list, 42 books! *die, die, die and die once more* How did this happen? How can I have so many books?

I told myself I better get back to reading or else my sister Krissy will kill me once I step inside a bookstore again and end up buying all the reads that interest me. As much as I love my room, deep inside I know I need to find another place, another area where my brain won’t tell me “the weather is very inviting, go ahead and sleep”.

Now here I am, lying flat on my stomach blogging and reading at the same time. Mom’s gonna scream at me once she notice that her cute sala is missing one of her pink foamy seats. Yes, I brought them to our terrace.

Happy reading! 🙂