From Dagupan to Bataan, with my beloved relatives! (LPT)

This blog entry is part of my “Late Post Travels”, geez! I needed to quote that since my backlogs are piling up.

So, these photos were taken last April 20 and 21, 2013 – our Sta.Ana Family Summer Reunion. We visited our Lolo and Lola at Dagupan before heading to Bataan. It was a long road trip but of course one of the happiest. My family from both sides (Aralar and Sta.Ana) have this insane sense of humor and we had a long list of topics to laugh and talk about while on the road.

I can’t recall when was the last time I visited my relatives at Bataan, maybe ages ago? Now, I have cousins taller than me and my oh my our family has grown bigger. Since it’s summer time, where else did we plan to go? The beach of course! That’s a given!

The photos below showed how we enjoyed our time as one big happy family. We arrived at midnight at the island, pitched the tent, ate a sumptuous dinner (Spell SEAFOOD!) then rested. Honestly, it was hard to appreciate the place since because it was pitch black except for our flash lights and torch.

Dawn came and the skyline was filled with tiny bits of sunshine until the sun finally made it’s way out.

Now who wouldn’t appreciate the place when you see its full glory? See for yourself 🙂

One of the happiest couples I have ever seen :)
One of the happiest couples I have ever seen 🙂
Meet my relatives from my Mother's side, the STA.ANA clan.
Meet my relatives from my Mother’s side, the STA.ANA clan.
Ready to ride that boat?
Ready to ride that boat?
Boat ride
Boat ride
Pitch that tent
Pitch that tent
They won't stop playing
They won’t stop playing
Dinner time
Dinner time
Yes? Survivor!
Yes? Survivor!
Dad checking the morning water
Dad checking the morning water
My parents ♥
My parents ♥
Small, medium, large
Small, medium, large
Family relatives
Family relatives
Book handy
Book handy
Sis in action
Sis in action
I was here
I was here
Caitlyn and Rose with the stones
Caitlyn and Rose with the stones
Caitlyn and Thania
Caitlyn and Thania
Hello there Mr. Sunshine
Hello there Mr. Sunshine
Jelly fish
Jelly fish
Low tide
Low tide
Can you see me?
Can you see me?
Swim swim?
Swim swim?
Collecting stones
Collecting stones
Nature at its finest
Nature at its finest
Kids playin
Kids playin
Mom and my titas
Mom and my titas
Family shot
Family shot
Wacky family
Wacky family
Everyone enjoying the beach
Everyone enjoying the beach
Siesta time
Siesta time
Lovely cove
Lovely cove
Chillin at the beach
Chillin at the beach
Beach must haves!
Beach must haves!

Where is Daraitan Falls?

Hi everyone! Summer 2013 was very memorable for me, again, I was not able to fulfill my dreams of staying at home to finish all my books. My friends and I went to visit Daraitan Falls last April 14, thanks girls for coming with me 🙂 The trip wouldn’t be uber fun without you.

Tinapak River (2)The heat was unbelievable but we are ready to conquer the day. We met the Barangay Captain of the area, thank you sir for welcoming us (kiddin’, he was really there before we came, having a talk with their barangay members). All foods ready! Let’s walk then!

Tinapak River (3) I can’t imagine there’s a place like this near our province. It was amazing like the other places I have been to. Okay, so here’s the real deal, when I invited my friends, I told them it was Daraitan Falls. Little did I know, it’s called Tinapak River and the Tinapak Falls was destroyed by Typhoon Ondoy last 2009. So that was like, 4 years ago!!! I cannot forget their faces when our tour guide explained that. Still, Tinapak River can be found at Daraitan… so they are still connected right? Haha!

Tinapak River (4) The whole group while taking a rest… our tourist guide, CK, Jude, Amie, Anna, Hilda, Ampy and Gen.

Tinapak River (5)A little adventure? Yes, we had that! And if you want one, why not visit the place?

Tinapak River (6) You can’t get to the other side without getting wet. 🙂

Tinapak River (7) First things first, SWIM!!! Oh the heat was really on! The river was a great place to swim and cool down. It was green, clear and inviting.

Tinapak River (8) Lunchtime girls! Overwhelming food, how can we finish these?

Tinapak River (9) So much for rock formations, I want to have a pictorial at every stone I see. They are all so white and pretty! We spent most of the time swimming, eating, exchanging stories and laughing.

Tinapak River (10)Our happiness was overwhelming, Hilda even bought a cake for this special event! FREEDOM at it’s finest.

Tinapak River (11)Yep, I can jump of a cliff whenever I want to. My legs always shake before I do these things, but I can’t let them pass. My blood calls for adrenaline 🙂

Tinapak River (12) The Megastar Ampy sitting on top of the cliff… this was the only place where you can find a signal for Globe.

Tinapak River (13) Look how clear and clean the water is!

Tinapak River (14) Gen, floating 🙂

Tinapak River (15) Anna, Jude, Amie and Gen having a real good time talking about some stuff.

Tinapak River (16) View from a far, I swam to the other side just for this shot. Time to get mushy… when I saw them so happy, just chillin’, I can’t thank the Lord above for giving me such kind and soulful friends. These girls helped me a lot when I needed them. Those times when I felt life was draining me to pieces, they were there. When I needed encouragement, they were there and they never left my side. Up to now, I can’t thank them enough, I just love this group.

Tinapak River (17) One of my fave picture, it was hard to achieve since I need to swim against the current. I see that it’s worth it.

Tinapak River (18) Spell F-U-N!!!

Tinapak River (19) Whohoooo! I made this! I am proud of myself, haha! My very first rock formation! Lol!

Tinapak River (20) Now it’s time to head back to the barangay…

Tinapak River (21)

Rocks rocks rocks, rocks everywhere!

Tinapak River (22)We fit the holes perfectly 🙂

Tinapak River (23)To those who want to visit, the Daraitan Road is a long one, just continue driving until you reach this bridge. If I remember it right, we asked 5 times where’s Daraitan, they all just pointed “straight ahead”, lil’ did we know it was a long long way down there.

Tinapak River (24)Of course, a trip would not be complete without visiting Vista Barista Cafe. A stop over all tourists must try! Coffees, pasta and cakes were affordable and they tasted so good. Hoping the next time I visit, I will be able to speak and have a few words with the owner.

Tinapak River (25)

Since it was Sunday, we also visited Baras Church.

Tinapak River (26) We even met the Parish priest who opened the doors of the Church for us. Thank you thank you Father, you are blessed!

Tinapak River (27)

A perfect way to close the night, videoke baby! After that, some left… Hilda and Gen slept at my room 🙂

So where exactly is Daraitan Falls? It’s in my heart.

Sisterhood of the Traveling Bikinis

College, what do I remember? Hmm… of course, syringe, IV transfusions, some bone parts and a lil’ bit of anatomy. But mostly, I remember singing songs on the hallway, not sleeping until we finish endless reports, partying until dawn after the finals and having a great time with these promising nurses of the future.

What does a weekend of four ladies, all energy driven and passion seekers hold? Read along!

Nagsasa Cove Trip (1) First time to travel by boat going to Nagsasa Cove during nighttime. Though I am a good swimmer, I was kinda afraid at first since we are braving an open sea. But when the boat ride started, I knew it would be a safe one. The water was calm and inviting, thousands of stars twinkle in the sky and it was a great sight.

Nagsasa Cove Trip (2) After an hour and a half (travel time depends on how calm the sea is) we finally hit the shores. Since it was dark, I wasn’t able to appreciate the place as a whole, all I know was that I felt at home. The sands on my feet felt perfect. As you can see, we pitched our one and only tent, arranged our groceries and played cards before going to sleep.

Nagsasa Cove Trip (3) Morning came, another miracle given by God! This was the morning I thanked Him not only for the life He has given us but also for his wonderful creations. Waking up to this scenery was fantastic and oh so ‘mood motivator’. I will introduce my friends one by one as I go along, here we are, dancing to some songs for our morning exercise.

Nagsasa Cove Trip (5) So this photo shows how much I love rock formations, lol!

Nagsasa Cove Trip (6) After some time we decided it’s best to swim and experience the water.

Nagsasa Cove Trip (7) I just finished making “enseladang mangga” and they were all busy with their respective duties. Mona and Lyza cooking something and Kai, not so sure what she was up to at this time, haha!

Nagsasa Cove Trip (8) Afternoon came, perfect time to shoot some solos. I have read somewhere that photographers wait for this time of day just to get the perfect kind of light. Hope we got that kind of ‘light’ they were pertaining to.

Nagsasa Cove Trip (9) Kai being the model of the group had an idea about being submerged into the water. We came up with these shots. All photos were taken using a point and shoot digital camera, I say they were great shots! 🙂

Nagsasa Cove Trip (10) One problem, my blood temperature has always been hot, a lot of times people have mistaken me to be sick but it’s just normal I say. Being hot-tempered (blood only) mosquitoes love me. I ended up having 9 big bites… not so good. 😦

Nagsasa Cove Trip (11) My favorite shot among all! Always wanted to be Ariel of The Little Mermaid, this was the closest I got! Haha!

Nagsasa Cove Trip (12)

And of course I needed a head shot! Thanks Mona for this one. 🙂

Nagsasa Cove Trip (13) Thanks to our sponsor Nivea, summer would not be same without you.

Nagsasa Cove Trip (14) Now it’s time to share some things about the people behind this happy event. Everyone, meet my friends, Mona, Lyza and Kai. All happy, single but we can’t escape some personal issues. I’m gonna keep them private (wink wink).

Nagsasa Cove Trip (15) Lyza, she currently works as a nurse abroad. If you don’t know her and she doesn’t smile at you, you might label her as a snob. Why? She has this almond piercing eyes that can look straight at you. But once you get to know her, you know she’s one of them ladies who knows how to have fun and keep it real.

Nagsasa Cove Trip (16) Sunsets remind us of another great day that we need to reflect on. Be thankful!

Nagsasa Cove Trip (17) Lyza and mine, the sand though grayish was as soft as Boracay. Just add up some twigs in it since the whole place of Nagsasa is covered by high pine trees.

Nagsasa Cove Trip (18) Trees, moon and mountains

Nagsasa Cove Trip (19) My three models!

Nagsasa Cove Trip (20) Reflection

Nagsasa Cove Trip (21) Kai, yes physically sexy and very good at dancing. When you talk about girl power, she’s one lady you can bet on. Not only does she photograph well, she knows how to model for real. Guess our love for great photos is our common denominator. She looks real pretty on the outside but oh so tough on the inside. Experiences make us independent at some point, like her case. I admire her for being frank most of the time and she knows it.

Nagsasa Cove Trip (22)Silhouette and friends

Nagsasa Cove Trip (23) Orangey horizon

Nagsasa Cove Trip (24) Now it’s time to finish what they started. I got to be a barista for a night! Yipee! Special thanks to Lyza for my coffees, she knows I can’t live without them. She placed so much efforts into these coffee of mine, it’s not a joke on how to boil water when you are on a camp site.

Nagsasa Cove Trip (25) Uno cards night! Uber fun! Sorry Mona if we asked you toooooooo many personal questions. 🙂

Nagsasa Cove Trip (26) Lyza bought some lanterns, so we wrote our wishes on them.

Nagsasa Cove Trip (27)And let them fly so high!!!

Nagsasa Cove Trip (28) Last morning before we head home, this was how our cottage looked like. Full of bikinis!

Nagsasa Cove Trip (29) (1)Save the best for the last? We have Mona, a lady who also live under books. We both love reading like religion. She also has this crafty side of her that I love so much. She borrowed my book one time and this was what I got in return. Emotions keep her real and she holds dear all the people around her.

Nagsasa Cove Trip (29)Notice how far we were from the shore?

Nagsasa Cove Trip (30) Just another narcissistic shot of the day

Nagsasa Cove Trip (31) My epic pose plus lovely girls!

Nagsasa Cove Trip (32) Thank you Nagsasa Cove, will be sure to come back. For those residing in the Philippines or anyone who wants to pay a visit, I have a good bangkero contact. Just email me and I will give you their number. Support local tourism!

Nagsasa Cove Trip (33)All travels come to an end, but it would be the experience that will never leave us. At the end of it all, it will make us better. Thank you Mona for calling me Aster, Kai for calling me Twinkle and Lyza for simply calling me Joyce 🙂 You know how I love each one of you, hopefully we will never lose our yearly tradition, travels and bikinis!

“Maybe the truth is there’s a little bit of loser in all of us you know, being happy isn’t having everything in your life being perfect. Maybe it’s about stringing together all the little things. Making those count more then the bad stuff. Maybe we just get through it and that’s all we can ask for.” 
― Ann Brashares, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

The unplanned Baguio trip

It all started with a simple conversation of “Where do we eat?”. Somehow, we planned on eating breakfast at Mercato since we had a slight problem with the event we were supposed to join in. All of a sudden, with only one pair of clothes and a small brown bag, my friends Jude, Hilda and I were on our way to Baguio. Yep, to the cold city where strawberries awaits us.

Baguio 1After 6 hours of travel time from Victory Liner Cubao station (they offer rides to Baguio every hour for P450.00) we arrived at the Summer Capital of the Philippines! Good thing, Jude knows Lyn’s Apartment, a transient room where they stayed before.  If you are just looking for a place to just sleep in, this might be the one you are looking for. The room is not that big but it can accommodate up to 8-12 persons. So, first instinct when we arrived was to sleep! Haha! Yes, since we came straight from our night shift, the stolen sleeping hours at the bus was not enough. We planned on getting out that night to meet our friend Alex who was also in the city. However, due to some circumstances, we ended up ordering food at Jollibee and stayed up all night playing ‘tong-its’. Congrats Jude for winning all our coins! 🙂

Baguio 2Morning came and we found ourselves hungry as ever. So with my ever favorite blue peplum top and leggings, it’s time to hit the road. First stop, Chowking for breakfast which was very near our place. Then we walked along Burnham Park and Children’s Park. I was able to manage walking from one place to another without a jacket, guess my skin turned into a Carabao one already, lol!

Baguio 3

After a few minutes, we decided it’s best to ride a bike. Feeling like kids, we circled to and fro, biked here, pedaled more. This was the highlight of the trip for me. For some reason, I missed biking so much! I felt free as a bird!

Baguio 4

Now it’s time for some prayer. I cannot count how many times I have been to Baguio ever since I was a kid but this was the first time I paid a visit to The Pink Sisters Church. The area was quiet and perfect for adoration. The interiors were very nice and the voices of the nuns were like angels that sent goosebumps on my skin.

Baguio 5

Minesview Park would be a place any tourist or local should not miss when visiting the Summer Capital of the Philippines. This park has a lot to offer, from photo ops with pink horses and big dogs, to throwing coins at a wishing well or just simply sitting on a rock overlooking the lovely view of pavements, houses and green trees.

Baguio 6

Eating and shopping would also be a big YES for this area. As you can see, we had some chocolate ice cream and mangoes, yummy!

Baguio 7

The following photos were taken inside ‘D Igorot Place’. It’s a small museum where you can check all the Igorot hand-made items. It’s heaven for me, all these cute wood carvings, room decors, colorful dream catchers and paintings, they were all unique.

Baguio 8

If only we have a car, yes, I want that Apology wooden thing on my wall or in our receiving area.

Baguio 9

Didn’t know he put on some wacky face! I am very good at that, he got me there! Lol! By the end of the museum trip, I got was this cute sunflower eco bag for P150.00.

Baguio 10

Seemed like walking was one of our favorites here, 252 steps to the top! *ATTENTION: Do not laugh to much when climbing, bad for your health, lol! or else, you wouldn’t make it to the top*. 🙂

Baguio 11

Now that we have visited some famous places, it’s time to hit the market. Raindrops started to fall, quite a place to fall in love with. Wondering what was the receipt about? I told a friend I just wanted to drink some water in this place. Craziness sprouts again, but hey, I really want a mineral water… mineral water from Baguio City. 🙂

Baguio 12

Finally, we were able to make it! Dinner at last with Alex and Weng. Cafe by the Ruins is one of the must-try restaurants here. I did enjoy my Bangus meal and coffee. It was a night of pure fun, enormous laughter and great stories (include some paranoia in it). 🙂

Click here for more food reviews!

Baguio 13

Last night! Can’t believe our sudden weekend stay was coming to an end. Here we are, with our own version of strawberries and cream.

Baguio 14

Indeed, it may be an unplanned trip, but life is like that. It will stay like that, full of unplanned surprises that will bring excitement to our souls. Baguio City, another memory, thank you for keeping us company with your cold summer nights. Until we see each other again! ♥

Standing at Mt. Pinatubo’s Crater

Hiking was never my thing, do not get me wrong, I love nature, the sea, the trees and all things in between. I just haven’t pictured myself carrying those big bags (bags bigger than I O.o) just the thought makes me tired already, haha. I always wondered, being the kikay that I was, what should be the proper attire for hiking, trekking or mountaineering (I know it’s shallow problem but hey, I still wanna be a fashionista when climbing up somewhere).

When my sister Lily Rose said someone backed out from their planned Pinatubo trip, she immediately asked if I am available knowing I am a “kaladkarin” (someone whom you can drag anywhere) obviously I agreed. My first and only climbing activity was way back 2007 somewhere in Quezon (if I am not mistaken, they call it ‘7 falls’) after all the beaches that I have been to it’s time to make a change, I accepted the call of climbing Mt. Pinatubo.

Mt. Pinatubo (1) We left Manila at around 3 am and arrived at Capas Tarlac by 5 am. It was a short and fast trip, kudos to the driver. Was not able to get the chance to write anything on the way to the area since it was dark inside the van and my sister was all over the place, lol! But it’s true, in the end, I just decided to let her sleep on my lap (I am such a loving sister!) 🙂 When we arrived at the tourism base camp for Mt. Pinatubo, this is what I did, stretched! Even short legged person like I need this.

Mt. Pinatubo (2)Morning coffee’s are great. ALWAYS, there’s no exception, whether you are drinking it alone or with a group of people. This trip was planned by the office mates of Bianca, one of my sisters best buds. Here I am meeting new people, sip, exchanging a few good stories, sip and yes, laughing my ass out, sip, while the dawn is breaking. For me this is one of the best part of the trip, it’s nice to meet new souls, learn a little bit something from them in return like where they came from, their culture and see beaming faces when the jokes are out.

Mt. Pinatubo (3)Do they look they are really stretching? Nope they are not, they are playing around, haha! Everyone, the three idiots (from left to right, my crazy kick out sister Lily Rose, the ever thin Donna and Bea de Bianca). They are all grown ups! They use to be so little and not so tall? I am behind my a lot of inches when the height issue rises.

Mt. Pinatubo (4) I just have to have a photo with her, look at her fringed top! So cute and we also got this wooden thing that she’s selling. Useful for the climb, only 20 pesos each!

Mt. Pinatubo (5)

Just having some fun before going up. We are a bunch of crazy people! 🙂 Introducing the lovely lady in the green jacket, that’s Mayi (aka Alay) lol, she really made me happy.

Mt. Pinatubo (6)Shoes? aqua shoes or whatever that fits well,slippers are not advisable.

Mt. Pinatubo (7) Tadah, and this was my outfit! My arm bands are adorable, got them from SM Department store for 169.75 pesos, aqua shoes for 249.75 pesos and Monakiki leather leggings for 150 pesos. I cannot afford to get any darker since I’m all tanned up from my Boracay trip. Plus, it is highly recommended to cover yourself up with light clothing since the road trip was dusty and hot.

Mt. Pinatubo (8) The group before leaving the base, all smiles!

Mt. Pinatubo (9) Ready for the best rough ride of our lives!

Mt. Pinatubo (10)After a 3-5 minutes drive, we stopped and waited for the other 4×4’s. So as you can see, we took this time to have a few photos taken.

Mt. Pinatubo (11) The 4×4 models, should I say sexy models? haha!

Mt. Pinatubo (12) Excited for the trip eh? Bunch of energy!

Mt. Pinatubo (13) The ever epic jumpshots

Mt. Pinatubo (14) And another one, these four were my 4×4 mates, Rose, Bianca, Donna and the guy in green is named Daniel. He is really not part of our group, he is Italian on a solo world journey. Since we lack one person for our ride, they allowed him to ride with us. Good thing he was all game with all our weirdness. Being the chit chat lady that I am, I ended up conversing with him most of the time which was great because he also shared stories about his place and other countries he visited.

Mt. Pinatubo (15)After a few minutes of waiting, the ride began. Look at all these cars, very much like a movie scene. The guide and driver explained that any group has two choices. 1) Ride the 4×4 for 1 hour and 30 minutes and then hike for 20-30 minutes to the crater 2) Ride the 4×4 for 30 minutes and then hike for 1-2 hours to the crater. We chose the first one since it was super hot and it’s kinda late to take option 2. Please do not quote me on the exact travel time, these were the only information shared by our guide and driver. I guess in the end it will still depend on how fast you can trek the area 🙂

Mt. Pinatubo (16) And the view in front, welcome, to the powdery sand of Mt. Pinatubo 🙂

Mt. Pinatubo (17) A normal car won’t fit here, when we talk about deep holes, it’s really deep. If you will notice, there were two children on the right side. They still live here and they sell banana’s and ginger.

Mt. Pinatubo (18)Our tour guide, Kuya Rey said that the normal land level was up to the top of those mountain look alike. We are traveling on the area where the lava during the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo way back 1991 flowed that’s why it’s this low. It is quite dangerous to travel when the rain is pouring since these sand filled mountains can just fall anytime.

Mt. Pinatubo (19) See how they fall? Really dangerous to get close to this sand mountains. But they look amazing for real and in photos.

Mt. Pinatubo (20)A good pair of shades? A must! You don’t want the sands on your eyes, and if you have any asthma problems, something to cover your mouth and nose will also be helpful like what my sister wore.

Mt. Pinatubo (21) The second stop where we needed to wait again for the other 4×4’s. We need to go batch by batch so if one gets stuck somewhere, they can help pull each other.

Mt. Pinatubo (22) The man who looks like a Nat Geo photographer because of his yellow shirt, lol!

Mt. Pinatubo (23) On tippy toes for this shot since I am beside Daniel and my sister.

Mt. Pinatubo (24) Now time to roll!

Mt. Pinatubo (25) Under the heat of the sun 🙂

Mt. Pinatubo (26) 20 minutes to the crater! Yeah! Almost there!

Mt. Pinatubo (27) Our wooden ‘tungkods‘ were very helpful, happy we bought them. There were areas where the streams flowed along the hiking trail, those were not coming from above the crater. There is a large waterfall but is very dangerous to travel and explore as our guide said. Only the natives are allowed to visit the place, he said it is really beautiful but the trail were surrounded by mountain sands, so it’s a no no for tourists.

Mt. Pinatubo (28)Now here we are! The majestic crater of Mt. Pinatubo waiting to be discovered by us first timers 🙂

Mt. Pinatubo (29) My smile is as big as the crater, lol! So I got a few things to share from our tour guide again, I do hope he didn’t get tired from answering my questions. Mt. Pinatubo as they said was just a small mountain, then it got bigger and bigger because of the lava that was forming inside, thus it was called Pinatubo. “Tubo” is a Tagalog word for grow. It is also the type of mountain where only few trees and plants grow because of the hot land. I wondered how the water got on top of the crater, really weird so I have to ask our guide about it too. He said that the water was not there before, after the eruption that’s when it appeared, it was also high so they needed to create another hole that leads to Zambales area so it won’t overflow. It depends on the sulfur level if it’s safe to swim or not, just this January 2013 the tourism group has not allowed anyone to swim. The water has not been tested yet and I am not so sure about the rumors if someone really drowned in here that’s why they discontinued it. Anyhow, I really wanted to try and float in the waters but I won’t break the rules. The crater might eat me alive for not following, haha!

Mt. Pinatubo (30) A good place for the cross to stand on.

Mt. Pinatubo (31) Stunning view, didn’t know that the crater was this big.

Mt. Pinatubo (32) People resting under the big tree. See Mayi? the lady in green, happily smiling 🙂

Mt. Pinatubo (33)Friends of Bianca 🙂

Mt. Pinatubo (34) I thought the massage was after the hike, lol! Little did I know Mayi can also do that.

Mt. Pinatubo (35) Going down the crater, steep.

Mt. Pinatubo (36) Down the crater, where the photo op began.

Mt. Pinatubo (37) They were willing to carry me. I told them at first that I am heavy as a log, they didn’t seem to care, so why not try, lol! Lechon ready pose?

Mt. Pinatubo (38) High with fun at the crater!!!

Mt. Pinatubo (39) Charlie’s angles not angels, haha!

Mt. Pinatubo (40) I loved how the mountain reflected on the water, so pretty.

Mt. Pinatubo (41) Singaporean, Pinay and Italian on the lose 🙂 Thanks guys for being such a sport and embracing the weirdness that I have.

Mt. Pinatubo (42) Mayi’s ANTM pose, it’s just that she didn’t know the three idiots were making fun of her 🙂

Mt. Pinatubo (43) Sony Ericson models vs Samsung

Mt. Pinatubo (44) Now it’s time to take photos on the other side.

Mt. Pinatubo (45)Cover needed? All smiles 🙂

Mt. Pinatubo (46) Who’s scared of her? 🙂

Mt. Pinatubo (47) This was our group shot, if I am not mistaken, only 2 were not included here. Big happy group!

Mt. Pinatubo (48) Happy as we can be! 🙂

Mt. Pinatubo (49)The crazy ones and trouble makers!

Mt. Pinatubo (50)Naks, they look good together right? 😉

Mt. Pinatubo (51) Bianca and her baby

Mt. Pinatubo (52) Colors!

Mt. Pinatubo (53) Pinay beauties

Mt. Pinatubo (54) Of course, will I let this trip pass without any of my poses!? Haha, I kinda loved my outfit, time to get away from bikinis? Sporty look for my peg.

Mt. Pinatubo (55) You will never know thyself, unless you go out there and travel.

Mt. Pinatubo (56) If only I can push them, haha!

Mt. Pinatubo (57)They made me a human tripod and I was that willing. Thank you so much Bianca for letting me grab some photos. This post would be impossible without you.

Mt. Pinatubo (58)

“I read; I travel; I become”
― Derek Walcott

Hope you loved this as much as I enjoyed my 2nd hiking experience. Meeting new people has always been a great joy for me. Daniel, thank you for taking time in experiencing our country, may you be blessed in your future travels and do not forget to share our country once you go back to your land. Alexus, since you still have a few months here, I do hope I can join you on your Gawad Kalinga activities. It’s really heartwarming to know you chose our country of all places. To Bianca’s officemates and friends, thank you for the invite and for allowing us to be a part of your Mt. Pinatubo trip. I was not able to converse and thank you personally but I had a great time. Cannot count how many times I laughed because of so many reasons.

A few things to remember before climbing up Mt. Pinatubo

  • Make sure you wear light clothing since the road trip is both hot and sandy
  • Do not forget your sun glasses or shades, A MUST even though you don’t like wearing it.
  • Still apply sunblock on your skin just to prevent sunburn
  • Closed slippers or anything with straps or rubbershoes both good for water, dust and rocks is advisable.
  • Make sure you have something to hold on to during the 4×4 ride, it’s a rough ride and you don’t want to fall anywhere.
  • Walk slowly and do not be so excited to see the crater, you will get there. They said most accidents were caused by too much excitement.
  • Bring your own water bottle if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on top. (small bottles costs 50.00 pesos each)
  • When you go back to the base camp, it’s your choice if you want to take a shower or not, it costs 50.00 pesos.
  • Check our other blogs for other what to do’s and what not to do’s for Mt. Pinatubo climb. Bullets above are from my experience only. 🙂

This travel has opened my big brown eyes to a different level, now the willingness to try and hike other places is 100%. The thought of carrying heavy bags is still there, but what is heavy bags compared to overlooking places, streams, falls, green lands, new people and great stories? Now that’s a weightless bag! 🙂


Friends, Fun, Fringes at Boracay Part 2

Continuation of Part 1

Last day and night so we need to make the most out of it. Gen and I just stayed at the beach area while the rest of the girls went out for their para sailing adventure. Nag papaka beach bum lang ang peg namin dalawa. No wonder din, we were the darkest after the trip.
Batch 2 Boracay (1)Gen with a book in hand 🙂

Batch 2 Boracay (2)My frizzy dried hair while seating at a beach chair. I kinda loved it, walang suklay suklay pag ka gising, beach agad agad.

Batch 2 Boracay (3)Feeling ko siya din yung same jogger na nakita namin yesterday. Wow! Fitness to the max si ate!

Batch 2 Boracay (4)Drums and heartbeat ♥

Batch 2 Boracay (5)A lady missing and calling someone 🙂

Batch 2 Boracay (6) Gen, after her early morning swim.

Batch 2 Boracay (7)Feet up! ♥

Boracay part 2As she said “Being sexy is more of an attitude” :)♥ Always has been! Love your body shape no matter what, being too skinny is not that “in” anyway 🙂

Batch 2 Boracay (8) Sand angel! I look flushed na dito,swimming lang ng swimming hanggat may dagat. Thanks Jude and Anna dahil pinag trippan niyo ng sapat ang bangus belly ko, puro sand tuloy, haha!

Batch 2 Boracay (9) Exchanging stories and photos while sun bathing.

Batch 2 Boracay (10)I offer sand scrub for free 🙂

Batch 2 Boracay (11)Sand bathing while the rest sun bathes 🙂

Batch 2 Boracay (12) More beach mode lang ang peg namin for the last day.

Batch 2 Boracay (13) All smiles ♥

Batch 2 Boracay (14) Cuteness!

Batch 2 Boracay (15) Totoong nakakain si Jude ng sand, ano kaya lasa? Maalat na magaspang? haha 🙂

Batch 2 Boracay (16) Surprise surprise, pizza and pasta from Yellowcab for the birthday girls! We wish you more fun in life and more more more sun! 🙂 – Amie, Gen, Joycey.

Batch 2 Boracay (17)Nalipasan ata kami ng gutom, we were not able to to finish our pizza 😦

Batch 2 Boracay (18)Girls just wanna have fun!

Batch 2 Boracay (19) Now I am all tanned up, pinay na pinay lang ang dating. Thank you sun!

Batch 2 Boracay (20)Thank to Kuya for taking a photo of us, minsanan lang kami ma complete sa photo, hirap ng walang tripod. It is a must sa next travel.

Batch 2 Boracay (21)“Kuya isa pa, this side naman” 🙂

Batch 2 Boracay (22) Amie, Gen, Jude, Hilds and Anna, thank you girls for this wonderful and awesome trip. I cannot find the correct adjective or word to really describe it, but it was one of the FUNnest experience ever!

Batch 2 Boracay (23) Boracay sunsets never look the same but all of them are beyond beautiful.

Batch 2 Boracay (24) Loving my shirt in fringes!

Batch 2 Boracay (25) After a few walk and a short tricycle ride, we reached ‘D Talipapa’ where you can eat a lot of seafoods, buy souvenirs and get to know local folks.

Batch 2 Boracay (26) Amie shopping some stuff.

Batch 2 Boracay (27)Wooden keychain souvenirs, 4 for 100 pesos. You just need to choose 4 designs and Kuya will write down the names you want. He uses acrylic paints and he hand crafts them one by one. I can imagine the patience, look how fine the details were. Truly artsy!

Batch 2 Boracay (28)Real hands make real art.
Batch 2 Boracay (29) Cute little rastas!

Batch 2 Boracay (30) These bags are love ♥

Batch 2 Boracay (32) Walking back, I came across this shop. Too bad all my soaking up time were over, this can be so cute without slippers!

Batch 2 Boracay (33) Look at that! Weeeeee!

Batch 2 Boracay (34) So many things you can see here, good to take a lot of photos, everyone is busy about something, food, art, beach, music! Oh it is haven!

Batch 2 Boracay (35) After a few minutes of deciding when to eat, we finally chose this buffet. Not bad for the price, sulit lang 🙂

Batch 2 Boracay (36) Food galore

Batch 2 Boracay (37) Our tables looked okay pa dito, wala pa masyadong kalat, haha.

Batch 2 Boracay (38) Dinner plate, ang cute ng shells!

Batch 2 Boracay (39) But when the sea food arrived, it all started to get messy, haha! Sea Food atrack na!

Batch 2 Boracay (40)Looks like we have a sea food eating contest, ang sarap ng crabs, medyo mali liit nga lang, pero keri na…

Batch 2 Boracay (41)..madami naman sila, unlimited crabs ba kamo?

Batch 2 Boracay (42)Heaven na heaven lang

Batch 2 Boracay (43) Crabs made us really happy 🙂

Batch 2 Boracay (44) So as our table, haha! Burp!

Batch 2 Boracay (45) After dinner, Hilds and Gen went back to our place while the rest walked up to Boom Boom Bar. This bar is famous for its reggae rhythm. Perfect place to hang out for the last night. Above is Ferns Tosco who wrote the song “Island called Boracay” nice song, please take time to listen to it, let’s support OPM.

Batch 2 Boracay (46)Shake for me and a drink for Jude

Batch 2 Boracay (47)My fave set, Marvin really looks like Bob Marley 🙂

Batch 2 Boracay (48)

While singing “Bad day”, well, it’s not bad at all when you hear him sing ♫

Thanks to the following people: Bianca for her SLR, Jambi and Ghel for lending me their swimsuits, drop_n_shop for the affordable shades and Mad For Fashion fringe tops.