10 Day Blog Challenge : Part 6

blog challenge

Five People who mean a lot to me in no particular order

This is gonna be hard! I have so many in mind. To make my decision easier, I won’t include my family members anymore because that’s given. Okay, let’s start.

1. EA: He has always been a sort of positive pusher for me. He never questions my decision in life whether it’s about leaving or coming back. Most of the time he advices me to experience life just the way it should be tasted… bitter and sweet. He was there when I needed a frank response with a past dilemna that I had.

2. and 3. Arjay and Sergei: My first love and my first heartbreak. All the firsts but surely not the last… for I know, I shall fall in love with life over and over again. They are the ones who taught me that love is not just about loving a partner, there’s more to that. Experience pain and move on after. 🙂

3. Caitlyn: My niece, she taught me that there’s nothing more sweeter than the innocence of a child. Hopefully when you grow up, you will be strong, stronger than I dearest, for life is a challenging one.

4. Someone I can’t mention the name… haha! YOU taught me we can’t have all that we want.


On building houses with Habitat for Humanity

By now, many of you know that I love to volunteer in almost anything as long as it will fit my schedule. Last week, my office mates and I joined another sponsored event by our company, this time with Habitat for Humanity Philippines. Our sponsored area was Bistekville in  Payatas area. Though we only worked for around 3 hours maximum, it was such a great experience. My respect for carpenters and those people who really work to build houses raised up to 100%. It was not easy, with the scorching heat, dust everywhere, we have to reach our goal. There are people who depend on us and they believe we can help them build their lovely houses. A house that they will soon call home and create wonderful memories with. So we pushed ourselves and good thing, we survived! I have to admit, after 4 rounds of placing gravel to a sandbag… I was tired. What more if I do other stuff like carry cements, mix this and that? My body would surely give up. So to all carpenters, I salute you! 🙂

The world needs some help… for every 5 1/2 minutes!

Habitat for Humanity (1)My ever-loving team mate and partner when it comes to volunteer work, Dredd 🙂

Habitat for Humanity (2)Our area

Habitat for Humanity (3) We look so fresh in here! From left to right, Llyod, Eldrige, I, Gem, Joey, Ami, Ampy, Anna, Gen, Melody and Jopet

Habitat for Humanity (4) Getting ready to fight! I, Ami, Gem, Jopet, Chris and Joey

Habitat for Humanity (5) Good works volunteers, always!

Habitat for Humanity (6)Oh the heat! But it won’t stop us!

Habitat for Humanity (7) While waiting for the sacks to arrive, we had a mini pictorial. Wacky me!!!

Habitat for Humanity (8)Here they come…

Habitat for Humanity (9) Back to work team! We can do it!

Habitat for Humanity (10) Then we ran out of sacks again, and this happened, lol!

Habitat for Humanity (11)


Habitat for Humanity (13)The “pala” and I ♥

Habitat for Humanity (14)Making sure they were protected from the sun, they look so cute! Dredd, Ami and Gem.

Habitat for Humanity (15) Last round!

Habitat for Humanity (16)Ehem, sorry I ate two breads! 🙂 So hungry!

Habitat for Humanity (17)Now, it’s time for another work, mix and mix, pass and pass.

Habitat for Humanity (18)

Need some help? 🙂

Habitat for Humanity (19) After lunch, Lloyd and Glory

Habitat for Humanity (20) Fresh still? Thanks to wet wipes! 🙂

Habitat for Humanity (21) Kids!

Habitat for Humanity (22)

All people smile in the same language. – Proverb quotes

Habitat for Humanity (23)Mini rocky mountain

Habitat for Humanity (24)Unfinished row of houses beside a school.

Habitat for Humanity (25) Few more help for 2013 to finish this project! You! Yes you are needed! Volunteer here!

Habitat for Humanity (26)

A small plant that symbolizes hope for everyone.


For more details, please check the following:

Habitat for Humanity Philippines Twitter

Habitat for Humanity Philippines Facebook Page

Habitat for Humanity Philippines Website

Hello?! You still there?

Yes. I am still here, unfortunately I was not able to pay attention to my blog from the day my sister Jolly Vi and her family got back from the US for a summer vacation here in the Philippines. I kinda feel bad not blogging but every time I get to have a free time, I just sleep it of. Lately, I have been out of the house, swimming here, traveling there. It’s fun, no regrets after all since I am spent real quality time with ny niece Air Crinkle and sister Jolly.

Anyway, I have a few thoughts in mind that I want to share for the past weeks of not blogging:

1) Laughter can be found in a paper bag.

Before going to work, I usually visit the supermarket near our area. Now, there are trying to cut the use of plastic, needless to say, I went to work with a paper bag. I had a hard time waiting for a cab to arrive. It seems that during that time, I was not so lucky, all cabs that passed me by were all taken. So I decided to take the usual FX (air-conditioned transport vehicle with a maximum capacity of 10 people). I sat in the middle part, first thing I noticed, the Colgate I bought caused a small hole in the brown paper bag. All the time, I kept on praying that my paper bag will not break full force.”We’re almost  , stay with me please” I kept on repeating to myself like it was a powerful mantra. I guess the poor paper bag didn’t listen, because when I was about to get out of the FX, my groceries fell one by one, Loacker here, candies there, toiletries all over the area. I felt so ashamed, the two ladies beside me helped me pick up my stuff. I was walking with the torn paper bag, holding my all my stuff to my chest and hoping they will not fall. It made me realize that no matter how stupid we are sometimes, we can still laugh it out. I guess that’s the best part, being happy in not so happy moments.

2.) Kids can lessen stress most of the time.

From the day my cute little niece Air Crinkle arrived, I always want to go home immediately. As early as 6 A.M. everyone is awake and playing with her already. She looks so lovely and her smile takes away all forms of problems. When you hear children’s laughter, everything sounds so perfect! My parents, brothers, sisters and relatives loves to be around her. I hope she will stay with us, but soon they have to leave again, that’s the sad part.

3.)   Grade school friends can be oh so cool!

I cannot be so sure when was the last year I saw Niel Marcelino. I cannot decipher his face as a kid. He attended Air’s 1st Birthday last Tuesday and it was really nice seeing him. We had coffee with Ghel (one of my best buds) and talked about life and it’s perks. I guess when it comes to being friends with a person, it does not really matter if you get the chance to see them all the time. You can feel if a person is sincere about what they are saying and I believe Niel is one them, cool and light as a feather. No restrictions in stories for he will understand. By the way, Niel and I worked on a visual poetry when I was in Dubai, the project turned out to be pretty good, it even got published within Asia. 🙂 Cheers to us!