Blurry weekend

Tuesday, another day to start of the work week. Thank you for the additional day off, happy MLK day to all those living in the U.S.

I started the weekend, Saturday with a bang! After work, my friends and I visited the National Museum, Intramuros, and had late lunch at the famous Ilustrados Restaurant. Nightime came, I still was not able to rest. My highschool batchmates came to our house for our alumni anniversary. Needless to say, when they left past midnight, I was in bed after cleaning up.


Sunday, I spent half of the day sleeping and the rest of the day watching movies with my sister Krissy. We finished 4 movies: Nowhere Boy (which I found very interesting since I love The Beatles), Green Lantern, Moonrise Kingdom (adored the characters), and Django (unfortunately, I fell asleep because it was too long).

Monday came and I was excited!!! Dad brought us to our new “kubo” in the middle of Laguna Lake. We had so much fun and being the eldest, I had to cook. Good thing there is google and “magic sinigang mix”. If not, I can’t imagine how and what will my sinigang version look and taste for that matter. Lol! We also had fried porkchop, stuffed milkfish and watermelon. Happy tummy!!! After lunch everyone was sleepy so we all took a nap while the wind was blowing hard. *mental note* bring a comforter next time 🙂



Tuesday!!! Tada!!! I made a decision to let go  my huge earrings collection. “Twinkle the star”, my online dream shop was born. Can’t believe that after so many debates I had with myself, I finally did it! I’m letting them go and though tears swell from my eyes, this is for the best. I just know it, mom was right… I can’t wear them all together.


1. I can be a homebuddy 🙂
2. Material things are really not that important.
3. Family comes first.
4. I should drink more water than coffee.
5. Cold weather makes me 20% more emotional than normal.
6. I should sleep more and read more.
7. I should really sleep or drag myself to sleep even if I don’t want to, like what’s happening now.

Hope you had a great one dear friends 🙂

My hometown flooded #PrayForThePhilippines

I was born and raised in Binangonan Rizal Philippines. As you can see on the map above, we are connected with Laguna Lake which makes our area prone to floods. Most of the people here works for the fishing industry including my family. With continued rains for the last two weeks, the lake got larger than usual that caused floods all over our place. I know that our countrymen are doing all that they can to help those in need, I do hope more help will come to my dear hometown.

The aftermath of this flood, I am sure will surpass what happened with “Ondoy” three years ago. All the fish-pen, businesses small or big had been damaged. Let us continue to hold on and watch out for each others safety.

I am extending my personal thank you to our Honorable Mayor Boyet Ynares, her always helpful and smiling daughter Cecille Ynares, my dedicated batch mate Relly Bernardo and all the people who are assisting them up to now. I regret that I cannot come home due to flooded passageways on the way home. I promise to fix the old clothes that I have as soon as I have the chance.

I cannot sleep through this rough event that our country is facing, I hope I am making a difference by blogging these things.

PLEASE fellow Filipinos, this is not the time for blaming, we cannot point our fingers at PAG-ASA for their predictions, we cannot blame the government for not being “that ready” and so on. We cannot stop the rain as badly as we want too. Let us not react too badly on what the media is showing us right now. WE ARE ALL DOING OUR BEST. It is better to know how we can be of help.  Again, let us not stop praying as we continue to share blessings and save lives.***

Below are the photos of my dear hometown, Binangonan and Rizalenos, just hang in there.

***Photos came from my online friends, thank you so much for letting me use them***

Art in Kalinawan

For those of you wondering where Kalinawan is, well, it was the place I grew up. Our family is into fishing business and I clearly remember how we used to swim in Laguna Lake all summer long. The place marks a special place in my heart, as they say, HOME is where the HEART is!