How my Salisbury Steak turned into Siopao

At work, we get one hour daily for lunchtime. One hour to squeeze choosing which restaurant to eat, order, wait for our order, eat and walk back to the office and brush our teeth.

Earlier, we decided to eat at Red Ribbon The Fort 32nd Street. Normally, we would visit KFC, Jollibee or Chowking however I thought Red Ribbon was a good choice because I am CRAVING for Sylvannas.

There were four of us who visited the place, Alex, Jude, Hilda and myself. The cashiers name was Thel, (I am used to looking at name tags all the time because I want to address them properly) and as per the receipt she gave me, I ordered at exactly 5:11 AM.

The first orders came, Honey Glazed Tocino for Jude and Hilda. So we waited for a little longer… Alex and I were getting a little bit frustrated, time is running. ONE hour for lunch only, and we have been waiting for almost 30 minutes now. One Salisbury Steak arrived, I gave it to Alex first. The waiter, with no nametag said it will be additional 5 minutes for my order. OKAY.

Apparently, IT TURNED OUT TO BE MORE THAN 5 MINUTES. So I stood up with a hungry stomach, walked over the kitchen area and said to the two waiters. “Kuya, paki take out na lang yung order ko, kasi late na kami eh, kanina pa ako nag hihintay” (English: Hi, please prepare my food as ‘take out’ since we are running late, I have waited long enough). Then, I went back to the table, after 2 minutes, my take out food still has not arrived.

My friends and I stood up, I walked to the counter and asked for a refund. Then the waiter with no name tag came rushing down the stairs with my food. I told him, “Okay lang kuya, nag-ask na ako ng refund, nawalan na din ako ng gana” (English: It’s okay, I asked for a refund already, I am not in the mood to eat now).

The manager (with no name tag as well) asked for some time since the cash register is still not open. After Thel gave me my P180.00 back, all they managed to say was “Mam’ sorry po” (English: Mam’ we’re sorry).

Well, I hope I can eat the SORRY and have a taste to see if it’s as sweet as their cake.

The outcome? We were late for lunch, and I ended up buying Siopao at 711.

And oh, by the way, their wall saying “Spreading JOY is a piece of CAKE” was not so true with this experience.

What they could have done? Tell customers about the time frame on how long they should wait if the food is still not available. I guess that would not be so bad?

*** Disclaimer: What happened above was based on my experience, I was not paid in any way to do this***