The day I went home with a Pink Guitar

My hopes are high, that I can still learn new things.

Since I love singing with all my heart, why not self-study how to use one instrument. Actually, way back grade school, I had a chance to join the Guitar Club at school. In the end, “If” by Bread was the only thing I learned by the end of the school year! Yes, I am stubborn but still willing to learn. Lately, I had so many realizations in life and one of them is: IT IS NEVER TOO LATE FOR ANYTHING AS LONG AS YOUR ALIVE!

The only problem is, my twin brother wants a guitar too! So that means, as much as I would like to set aside 2-3 hours per day on my new guitar, I’ll need to leave it here with them. Unless I buy them each a new one, that’s the only time I’ll have solo time with my Pink Guitar.

 Don’t say it! I know I look awful, trying hard! Haha!

 But I am so happy, just want to share it! 🙂