Marry me Leyte!

Day 1Left Manila after work, tiring but Dredd and I were too excited to care 🙂 We traveled from 12 noon to 7 pm. When we reached Libagon Leyte, I thought all my energy drained out, guess I was wrong. We loved our room so much (capiz capiz capiz inspired) and we swapped some stories before heading in to dreamland.

Day 2 (1)First morning, oh I can’t forget the feeling! We were up early and since I crave coffees a lot, Dredd and I decided to take a walk outside. We ended up buying ‘pandesal’ and a cup of coffee at a nearby store. Then after a few minutes, we came up to this beautiful scenery! Clear waters, it’s okay if the sand is not white, just as long as the water is clean and clear, that’s fine with us. So as you can see, no questions asked, we donned our bikinis and hit it big time!

Day 2 (2)After our first early cold swim, it’s time to prepare for the wedding. We went to Rozzel’s house and had our make-up time there. I decided to go with a bun and Dredd wanted some curls.

hair bun

Millions thanks for my hair bun Dredd, you are the best!

Day 2 (3)Wedding time! Dredd participated by reading the second reading and I placed the veil on Rozzel’s head 🙂 She’s the prettiest bride I have seen!

Day 2 (4)Reception area, too bad it rained and the chairs were all wet but everyone managed and we still got the chance to eat. Loved the food and and the speeches that were given by a few guests.

Day 3 (1)Third day, we swam again, strolled around the ‘spring’ :

Day 3 (2) Day 3 (3)It would be a big loss if we won’t be able to pay a visit to the famous “Hindag-an Falls”. I tell you, this is a must-see if you have plans of going to Leyte. Cold, refreshing water and jumping from one point to another was awesome!

Day 3 (4)Borrowed their wedding rings and of course, flowers on my hair again ♥

Day 3 (5) Few moments before the sun sets.

Day 3 (6)Picturesque

Day 4 (2) “Facundo, I want this room, pakiuwi ng Manila” 🙂

Day 4 (3) Mara Clara at Ang Babae sa Bintana

Day 4 (1)Last day 😦 had coffee for the nth time. After a few minutes, we packed our things since we don’t want to rush. While waiting for Rozzel and Dennis to pick us up, Dredd met a man who also lived in the same area (Jaro, Leyte) as her. He was so kind and even offered us coconut… so what did I say?

Day 4 (4)

“Buko? Bring it on!” So I finished three, haha!