I could have danced all night but I didn’t.

Life in general is full of “what if’s”. We often entertain these thoughts on a rainy day or out of nowhere the question strikes like a lightning bolt under a dark sky. Growing up, I always tell myself, “risk it all, you got nothing loose”. I guess I did, however, at the end of it all, there are things you really cannot get no matter how high you reach up for them. So I go back to the “what if’s question” again.

Today however, there’s a different kind of light that shone above me. I realized that it is true… “WE DWELL IN WHAT IF’S WHEN IN FACT THERE’S NONE”. Life happens as it is and we always need to move forward and not backwards (since we can’t do that in reality). Like what Paolo Coelho said in one of his tweets earlier “We can easily sell our time but we cannot buy it back”. God wrote our life story with no what if’s, every little thing that’s happening is part of the plan. Our life will be twisted with those “what if moments”. All that we should have is reality, we can fantasize sometimes since it’s free. But let us not dwell too much on past things, we cannot alter them anyway. For all we know, what we have is now.

I could have danced all night, but I AM GLAD I didn’t.

Have a good night everyone! God speed ♥