The past and the present


In the darkest of hours
You put your knees up
Hug yourself tight
And get lost in the sea of loneliness

Then again, we are only human
Prone to making mistakes
Prone to fall so easy
Then get hurt like a boomerang

Just remember
Forgive yourself
Let go of all the pains
Push all the worries away

One day,
When you least expect it
The world’s greatness will manifest itself
The darkness you have known will just be a phase

Today, forgive
Tomorrow, love again
Like it’s the first time

An interview with my 28 year old self

1) Now that the day is ending, how are you feeling?

Well, I feel insanely happy since I received lots of warm and heartfelt birthday greetings. Spent the day at home with family and was able to eat the famous Filipino Style Spaghetti, just the way that I wanted it.

2) Any other feeling aside from being happy since that’s a given character of yours?

Afraid? Afraid that now I am 28 things seem more complicated and life is crazier. Which is NORMAL.

3) But you were always a fighter right?

Yes. Still am, but there are moments when I can’t help but think of what could have been. You know, if I took up the course that I really wanted to and all that. Oh how I wish I am now living in the Caribbean where I can dig my toes daily on the sand.

4) Do you think it’s too late?

Not sure, but 28 seems pretty young and I have this great feeling I am gonna die old. So yeah, I will never give up my Caribbean Dream. Read that? NEVER!

5) Any plans of dating/marrying/settling down?

Dating yes, but with the man I feel comfortable with. Besides I date exclusively. Marrying and settling down… of course! But let’s not talk about that, I am not even dating someone yet. Might spoil the future.

6) You think Life has given you more than what you deserve. How do you feel about that?

Great and blessed, there’s nothing else to do except pay it forward.

7) Any major plans this year or so?

Yes, but I can’t discuss it here. I might get in trouble, haha!

8) Anything you would want to say to yourself?

A lot. That it’s okay to be afraid, everyone is, it’s just the matter of “trying” and “doing” where everyone else differs. Close your credit cards, they are temptations, lol! Never step on anyone and just continue to life in the same happy manner you do all day. Never stop believing that daily miracles happen and the one will come at the perfect time. Sleep if you must, all your weekends are fully booked so better continue sleeping 8-10 hours a day during weekdays. Smile all the time, flashing your pearly whites wouldn’t hurt. Travel, talk to strangers, for losing ourselves with them we find peace and harmony in our hearts. Be the light in all circumstances and LIVE each second. Pay respect to the elderly and their advice but don’t let it stop you from doing your own thing. Prayer is the best shield among all! BE BOLD, BE YOU, BE A STAR!

Shine bright like a diamond! Wohoo! I am 28, happy birthday to my dearest self!


I’m turning 28 and I still don’t care

2143468Now my blog title may seem rude. It’s 3:13 AM and my eyelids are light as a feather. Please sleep, where are you when I needed you the most? Hmm… he’s gone and visited another soul in need of rest. (I guess?)

So back to my drama… I am having some birthday blues this early. But yeah, I learned that the greatest advice I can give to someone is to “not care at all”. Not care in a sense of not caring what the world will say about the things that you do. We will all learn from our experiences and honestly there are moments I feel I don’t really have a say when friends or loved ones ask me for an advice. It’s different when you are the one inside the box and the one standing outside the box.

I have always felt so carefree when I do not care or give a damn about what others will say. I SING, SCREAM, DANCE and JUMP, whenever and wherever I like. They may label me as crazy but I have freedom in my hands and if this is the way for me to really have a taste of it, then I let it be. Same goes with you! 99% of the people around us would not really care, so why worry? Worrying is such a killer! As Nike said, “JUST DO IT” and I have to add, STICK to it.

Be a happy pill like me! ♥


Good morning to all my lovely and handsome readers! I missed everyone! Sorry I have been quite busy being a friend, sister, employee, grand daughter, close friend, best friend, daughter and all you can think of. Summer has never been this great like the other years. Now that it’s coming to an end, I feel quite sad but of course, this too shall pass.

Moving forward, I would like to share this short story that I got from Youtube. The ending really moved me, some things just surprise us, literally.

On sisters


Meet my sister Jolly. Yep, Jolly and Joyce 🙂 I miss her today more than ever. Not so sure why, maybe because the other day, I saw this at home and I flew back to those times when I thought I was so broken and no one really cared. Then when we come to certain terms with ourselves, we realize that a lot did, in my situation, she was one who cared the most.

We didn’t have a perfect sister to sister relationship. Believe it or not, she hated me for being so vain when she was in highschool and I was in gradeschool. Won’t forget that once I tickled her it ended up with a hair fight instead. We grew up (my height stayed the same), she has accepted (I think) the fact that I am vain as ever. She got her heart broken, I got mine and never went to hair fights again. 🙂

She always thought I was the one who has a straight path, like what she said above. That was 6 years ago. As it turned out, she is the one who’s fully living her life right now. She’s married, happy and with a baby. Hmm… it’s been some time, just wanted to thank my sister for seeing me in a different light. Yes I may be in a quarter life or mid life crisis right now. But I believe that my chances has not passed yet, they will come and one day I will see myself in the way my dearest sister saw me.

Life will always be jolly and full of joy, even with obstacles.

When sparks fly

At times it irritates me when people push me into talks of ‘marrying someone’. How can that happen when one is clearly single and does not have plans of settling yet? At my age, nearly 28, they said I should already be married. I know, I know, I know. Call me a hopeless romantic or whatever but I want to marry a man where sparks fly everytime I see him. Isn’t it just wonderful waking up to the arms of the one you love? To the one who would make you fall each day?

Hallucinating or what, with hopes in my heart, he will come. Maybe not today, and if I am bound not not to marry for life, then let it be. True happiness comes from within and not just with marriage.