Magalawa Island and the Starfishes!

Yes I am a BEACH! A beach lover in this case, haha! I want to share my wonderful experience when I visited Magalawa Island last year. It was a splendid one, I cannot hide my excitement, so far this is my favorite island. I actually call it the STARFISH Island. See for yourself why I call it that, surely, you will not be able to think of any other name except that one.

We left Manila around 3 in the morning since we love to travel early, you know, just the feeling of being alone in the road. We passed SCTEX and then Subic Bay Freeport Zone since it’s a nice shortcut if you’re heading to Zambales area.

After maybe 5 hours of driving, finally we came to Veritas road. Once you are in this area, it means you are near! Yey! Madelaine was really tired of driving so she let me drive Twinkie. Unfortunately, this road was a very rough one indeed. Honestly speaking, I had a hard time driving since I need to be careful since it was not my car at all.

After quite sometime, haha, after 40 minutes, we were able to park Twinkie. We just waited for the boat to pick up us at Oslet Compound. There was another family who rode the boat with us going to the island. So here is the exciting part, when we were on the boat and we are getting near to the island, a lot of starfishes greeted me! It was like, they are welcoming me, their mother, to my unknown home. I am overflowing with happiness, seeing these starry creatures made my spirits extremely positive. (I am a mermaid and I get my powers from sea creatures, lol)

This was the cottage that we rented, it already includes the mattress and pillows. Too bad we carried extra pillows and all that since we were afraid of getting colds and we didn’t have any idea that they were already there.

We took a few minutes to meet Ate Grace and her parents, they are the owners of the island and they are really hospitable. I actually spent a lot of time talking with them while eating. The package consists of food so you don’t need to worry about getting hungry. I tell you, if you are a fish lover, you will really enjoy it.

Once lunch was done, Ate Grace accompanied us to see this rest house situated in a sandbar, how cool is that right? I thought sandbars can only be found in far away beaches in Visayas and Mindanao, little did I know we have one in Luzon.

As soon as we stepped foot to Magalawa Island again, nothing can stop me, I don my starry bikini (from my sister Jolly, thanks sis for buying me this) and had a STARRY pictorial.

Before the day ended, I need to make sure that we’ll catch the sunset. So I posed and posed and posed until the sun set.

I summoned the sea and sand.

Finally the sun set already!

The following morning, it’s time to watch the sun rise and color the horizon.

After sunrise watching, we were given time to tour around the island again, this time, the island proved that there are maybe thousands of starfishes in this small island. This was a picture taken while we were on the boat.

After the island tour, we visited the back part of the island where you can see mangroves and small fishes. This shot below was very hard to get, because of the fish, it was so fast!

Now, it’s time for me to pose again! Endless posing, haha!

Have you seen Bruna Mars on the beach? 🙂 Yes that’s me!

Our breakfast and lunch.

The famous ONSE ONSE, wonder why? count their spots, it’s always 11, truly a gift of nature!

While waiting for the boat so we can go home, I wanna live here! I felt sad to leave the place but I promise I will come back! Now I am back in the Philly’s, I am actually planning it again.

MAGALAWA ISLAND add them on Facebook All details such prices, how to get there and other information are on their info page. Thanks to Madelaine for the other pictures.