Hi Etude House, Hello Tony Moly

During my college years, I started being hooked on make ups. I have already tried lots of brands and I can say that some products I bought was such a waste of money. Until I met Etude a year ago when I was shopping in SM Megamall. Their shop was so cute, all pink and princess looking. So far, these are the items that I have tried. Some with pictures, the others I threw already since they are empty. Haven’t thought I would blog them someday! Here you go!

1.)  Angel Kiss Lip & Cheek #03 Php 348.00 This was actually my second cheek product coming from Etude house, the first one I tried was Dear Darling Tint #02 Php 198.00 Unfortunately it is one of their best sellers, it was sold out when I went back so I ended up trying Angel Kiss. The difference between the two? Dear Darling is liquid/gel type and smells really sweet. This one below is cream type but you don’t need to worry because it smells nice too. This one is good for daily use and it really matches my skin color. A lot of people say I glow with this product, so I guess I’m sticking to it!

2.) Orgel Light Eye Base Php 298.00 I am so amazed with this product! I am so glad the saleslady offered it to me before. I always have this problem when it comes to eyeshadows. They always smudge since my skin is oily. Three hours after applying them in the morning, it’s all over my face. When I use this as the base of my eyeshadow it holds the colors tightly and I do not need to worry about looking like a vampire or a clown. 

3.) Eyelash Curler Php 198.00 I had an experience way back college, an unforgettable one. I was using a plastic type curler in the ladies room, little did I know that it was broken, the moment I pressed it on my right lid, all my eyelashes are gone in an instant! It was a shock and my friends started asking me what happened and we all laughed. So I got my curler trauma from that event and last year I took the courage to start using one again. This time, I told myself “I WILL NOT BUY A PLASTIC CURLER!” So when I saw this cute metal item, I grabbed it asap! To tell you honestly, seems like I found a new bestfriend.

4.) Eyelash #13 (Side and Long) Php 198.00 This one I haven’t tried putting on yet. I am still learning how to properly apply it. It just looks lovely so I need to have it.

5.) Dear Darling Tint #02 Php 198.00 as I mentioned in my number 1.

6.) Soft Top Auto Lip Liner #05 98.00 refill Php 48.00 First time to try a lip liner, I loved their version because it was not as simple as a pencil type. Plus, after you’re done using it, you can buy a refill. Mine was used up after 2 months! Imagine how I apply lip liner. Well, I got this tip from Covergirl that your lipstick will stay longer if you put lip liner all over your lips (not just the sides), so probably that was the reason why its shelf life was short with me.

7.) Kissful Lip Care #02 Php 198.00 I was not able to use this for a long time. Apparently, my 3 year old niece loved it and she won’t give it back!

8.) Juicy Pop Tube #11 Php 128.00 Same as the Kissful Lip Care, the owner is now my niece. 🙂

9.) Romantic Handy Mirror Php 98.00 Want to be the witch in Snow White? Then own one and you will be the fairest of them all!

10.) Lastly, my Pink memberhip card, I just need to purchase items worth Php 500.00 to avail of this one and I got some cool freebies! Please check their site and if you’re already a Pink member, log in so you can check your details. http://etudehouse.ph/Home.aspx

Surprise surprise! I got additional items on my list!

11.) Color Me Nude Lip Concealer Php 228.00 Never discovered that lipsticks can last even longer with this cute concealer!

12.) VIP Girl Dear Darling Lips Miss Tangerine Php 398.00 I have always wanted a sunny shade and this one is perfect!

Now I will introduce you to my latest friend Tony Moly whom I just met a few weeks ago when I was strolling in SM North Edsa. I must say it was their lights who seduced me. Haha! Their products are very similar to Etude House, then I learned after speaking with their saleslady that they are in fact, Etude House’s sister company. I told you I sensed it! Upon knowing that, I just needed to try their products also to see if they are as good as their sister Etude.

1.) Crystal Blusher #02 Php 298.00 Being a cheek product addict, I got this one. Just the perfect shade if you want to look simple. 

2.) Peach Anti Aging Handcream Php 278.00 So far, this my favorite, my hands will never be dry from using alcohol. This is addictive I tell you!

3.) Berry Berry Magic Lip Tint #03 Php 198.00 Gel type lippy, comes in three shades and it’s a must on your hand bags ladies. I am sure you are not wearing lipsticks everyday. Give your self a break so your lips won’t chap!

4.) Of course, my card collection is growing! Plus a cute freebie! Visit their site http://tonymoly.ph/ for more product specifications.

That would be it and I hope you enjoyed meeting Etude and Tony! I am looking forward in trying out their other items in the future! Try it yourself and have fun!