10 Things about Love and Marriage

The Durr Durrs at Puerto Galera (January 2015) photo taken by Ivan Cabales

Someone said to me “Marriage is hard, you have to work on it”. I didn’t actually reflected on that since at the time I was single and carefree. Now that I wear a ring on my finger, it’s all different.

My husband and I have not celebrated our first wedding anniversary yet but I am learning a lot of things. So far here’s my Top 10:

1. Love is a magical thing and one should be happy when he/she finds it.

2. One must pray that Love stays.

3. Choosing “sleep” over “let’s talk about it” is not a good thing. You will feel worse the next day when you wake up.

4. There is no turning back when you say “Yes, I am ready and I want to marry!”.

5. Both must be brave enough to jump over their comfort zone.

6. “I” simply turns into “We”, no explanation needed.

7. Couples must spend time apart, like jogging together but different routes to have some cool space in between.

8. Eat and be merry.

9. Forgive.

10. Love daily and have 10 – 20 minutes of cuddle time together. Please no phones during cuddling/sharing time!

Entwined hallucinations and a wedding vow


God answers our prayers in time. He is never early nor late, to be specific, He answered mine when you first stepped into my life. All the ‘firsts’ are countless, first sight, first touch, first kiss, first talks and so on. Yes we had all those, but we must commit to make all things last, especially our undying love for each other.

At this moment, I promise before God and our loved ones that I will treasure and respect you each waking moment and kiss you good night as the stars appear one by one. There will be no more you and I, it will be us. Challenges may appear from the horizon and we will conquer them with all our might. For our love is stronger than gravity and I will make sure our hearts will forever beat as one. May we continue to grow and become better version of ourselves who walks hand in hand with joy in our hearts.

To my Universe, last love and unknown husband, I am your faithful wife, Joycelyn ♥

From where I stood earlier


It’s 10:20 am here in Libagon Leyte Philippines, today is the day we (my friend Dredd and I) have been waiting for. Our dearest friend Rozzel will kiss singlehood goodbye. We travelled a few miles to be here and we are nothing but excited to witness her exchanging vows with the man of her dreams. Like the photo above, absolutely stunning and breathtaking, I am absolute their love for each other will be the same. I already have a few photos but I will save them for my next entry. Just finished an early morning swim 🙂 Happy weekend everyone, may you all have a meaningful one.


When sparks fly

At times it irritates me when people push me into talks of ‘marrying someone’. How can that happen when one is clearly single and does not have plans of settling yet? At my age, nearly 28, they said I should already be married. I know, I know, I know. Call me a hopeless romantic or whatever but I want to marry a man where sparks fly everytime I see him. Isn’t it just wonderful waking up to the arms of the one you love? To the one who would make you fall each day?

Hallucinating or what, with hopes in my heart, he will come. Maybe not today, and if I am bound not not to marry for life, then let it be. True happiness comes from within and not just with marriage.

Daily routine for a happy marriage

1. Kiss my husband on the lips as soon as he opens his eyes and hug him tight.

2. Make him a cup of coffee and smile.

3. Iron his clothes and pack lunch for him.

4. Once he gets home, ask how his day went.

5. Before sleeping, look straight into his eyes and whisper “good night, sleep for tomorrow I shall love you more”.

♡ I will be able to do this one day up to eternity. For sure all wives out there has a lot to add on this list of mine, care to share? ♡

Someone like you


Compliments are always lovely. When a person receives one, a smile automatically forms. Just a simple “You’re shoes look fab!” make me all giddy.

Out of all the good things I heard, one stood out. I was at work then, so I spent some time talking to my colleagues before the shift started. We exchanged short stories about life in general. Then one said, “You know what, I want my son to marry someone like you. For sure you’ll make a great wife”. For a minute I can’t seem to speak. Not sure how to respond so I just muttered a small “Thank You”. But deep inside I want to sit down, talk to her some more and ask her how can she say that. I am too stunned to speak, I want to jump up and down, tell her it was the greatest thing I have heard but I am too shy (at that moment) lol 🙂

This happened four years ago and I still want to know the reason behind her words. Should I go and ask her? Not sure if she remembers the conversation though.

My breakfast surprise

Woke up with the smell of coffee and eggs. Someone’s up early. Yes! Preparing breakfast for me? I hope so. My heart leaps as the sunlight enters the white laced curtain on top of my head-board. The feeling of being loved is overwhelming. I really feel like floating on air.

He knocks, oh there he is! With a tiny wooden bedside table. Plus flowers! So yellow and bright. Eggs shaped to perfection which makes me wonder why can’t I do that? I should learn, maybe a heart-shaped one is better?

“Hungry my dearest?” He asked, I melt with one look and all I managed to do was smile. He kissed my forehead and stirred the coffee. I can’t help but watch in amazement how he moves. He is so damn fine, I can stare at him all day long, just watch him, stirring my coffee non-stop.

Of course he stopped, looked me straight in the eye and said “For our names were written together in the heavens, I promise to make you happy each and every waking moment. The stars twinkle through your brown eyes and I won’t let a day pass by without seeing them, will drink your coffee and marry me?”

Before I can answer… My alarm went off.

It was a TYPICAL dream.


***The picture above inspired me to write this post, the eggs didn’t look great, please do not laugh, (though I laughed at myself for 5 minutes just by looking at it) forgive the lady who can’t perfect a round egg***