The pavement was wet after the rain. The lights look so melancholic so I decided to keep my head down and watch my feet take one step after another. Then an old familiar voice said “Joyce!!!”. It took me a few seconds to realize that I’m face to face with someone from my past. A special person who’s so dear to me in so many ways.

Her smile was ear to ear, SCC never changed. She was still the girl I knew.

So what now? Was I the one who changed? I felt very different. Was it because I was sleepy and weary? A few words exchanged and I found myself walking the wet pavement again.

This time, I was more melancholic. My eyes started to swell. The past really is a lovely place, but we all know that should only visit them once in a while. My first heartbreak was painful like the rest. But there will always be a guardian angel from above who will lighten our load no matter how heavy it gets. In my case, it was SCC.

She was the one who
– drinks Peppermint Mocha with me
– walks endlessly from our school to Shangri-la
– drinks beer at the side of the road with me
– listens to my endless talks about how painful my heartbreak is
– goes to Tiendesitas with me to watch Top Suzara
– literaaly lends her shoulder when I’m crying
– gives me tissues or lends me her handkerchief when my tears are falling
– hugs me when I need them
– texts me constantly and asks if I am doing fine
– sings “Stand by me” with me along the hallway

By the time I reached home, I realized, I may have changed a bit and yes I am sleepy, then I knew, I missed her so. Without a doubt. SUGAR COATED CATHY will always hold a special place in my heart.