I Remember: Tiny kiss marks

He said he never wanted to leave and he wants to fix any problem that we have. At that time I do not know what I was thinking, I want him. All of him actually, but I feel I was choking. As usual, he was the serious one when it comes to talking about our love-sick momentos. He loves me. I just knew it. He loved me. Dark brown eyes, full of worry.

So I worked the best that I could. Since my jolly aura never fail me, as in never, I knew the answer to his worries. My red lipstick, I put it on secretly. Asked him to close his eyes. I started kissing him endlessly. His eyes, his lips, his cheeks, his forehead, his head, his eyebrows, his under  eyes, until… he was full of tiny kiss marks.

“Open your eyes”  I whispered. He did and he had this weird face.

“So what now?” He said.

“I love you and you are the cutest ever” He threw a puzzled look.

“Check your self, go ahead.” He started to laugh his heart out.

“I love you too” He said.

Finally, I was able to breathe again.

***I know I am the only one who remembers it. Past will always be part of the past, it should stay there, to where it truly belong.***

Eh kasi bata!

Sa aking pagkakatanda, ito ang mga nagawa ko noong bata ako
1. Sipsipin ang santan
2. Gumawa ng bubbles gamit ang gumamela
3. Mag lipstick gamit ang mga candy na kulay pula or “Lips”
4. Manguha ng mga sampaguita at ilagay sa ulunan feeling prinsesa
5. Maglaro ng sungka sa lupa
6. Mag swimming kasama ang mga alagang isda
7. Maglaro ng binggo tuwing hapon
8. Mag 100 brush strokes bago matulog dahil nakakaganda daw ito ng buhok
9. Magkulot ng buhok gamit ang kakawati
10. Kumain ng dahon

Mga hindi ko nagawa na sana ginawa ko
1. Manghuli ng palaka
2. Mang rubberband ng butiki sa kisame at putulin ang mga buntot nito at panoorin habang gumagalaw galaw
3. Mag dikit ng bubblegum sa ilalim ng upuan
Iisip pa ako ng iba 🙂

Kayo, ano ang paborito niyong past time nung bata pa kayo?




Felt like fall when you went away

Couldn’t stop praying you’ll come back this way

Then all the other seasons passed

I knew our roads would never cross again

All I have are memories kept inside a jar

And an open heart for a new-found love

Like a leafless tree

I stand my ground



Until someone waters me to life again


On sisters


Meet my sister Jolly. Yep, Jolly and Joyce 🙂 I miss her today more than ever. Not so sure why, maybe because the other day, I saw this at home and I flew back to those times when I thought I was so broken and no one really cared. Then when we come to certain terms with ourselves, we realize that a lot did, in my situation, she was one who cared the most.

We didn’t have a perfect sister to sister relationship. Believe it or not, she hated me for being so vain when she was in highschool and I was in gradeschool. Won’t forget that once I tickled her it ended up with a hair fight instead. We grew up (my height stayed the same), she has accepted (I think) the fact that I am vain as ever. She got her heart broken, I got mine and never went to hair fights again. 🙂

She always thought I was the one who has a straight path, like what she said above. That was 6 years ago. As it turned out, she is the one who’s fully living her life right now. She’s married, happy and with a baby. Hmm… it’s been some time, just wanted to thank my sister for seeing me in a different light. Yes I may be in a quarter life or mid life crisis right now. But I believe that my chances has not passed yet, they will come and one day I will see myself in the way my dearest sister saw me.

Life will always be jolly and full of joy, even with obstacles.

Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures

They loved me, I loved them back. 2012, You have been great and I won’t ever forget you, I know 2013 will be happier and more inspiring than ever.

At exactly 10 hours from now, 2012 will officially close. I just want to thank God for the blessings. Countless, countless, countless… from family, friends, relatives, love lost, love found and all in between. My heart is full of joy as I leave all my worries behind. I have gained enough wisdom to move on and enjoy my 28th year here on earth. Again to all the people around me who said I am inspiring as ever, I am delighted! Really, I feel like I am a star now. Do not worry, will make sure to inspire people and help in every possible way I can. The adrenaline rush of joy will stay with me each day. Life has never been this great and I have never been more positive. To all those who were there for me during my ‘downward emotional’ state, I appreciate it. Now, I am so much better. Self forgiven and self driven.

I ♥ you all. I mean it!