My Mom and her sacrifices

943151_10200708453508128_628007276_nMy mothers name is Liberty, first thing that would come to my mind is the Statue of Liberty. True enough, she has always been. Standing tall no matter how heavy the wind is or how strong a storm builds. She has always been there for us, not only ups and downs but through twists and turns. There came a time when I thought the things she has said does not make sense. But at this age, I am beginning to see the light in her words and the real meaning behind them.

Most mothers sacrifice themselves in the hope of bringing up strong and good will minded children. Mom was never an exemption, I knew that at times she almost gave up on her own faith. But maybe seeing seven kids before her, she believes she just can’t give up. Her daily struggles when working with my Dad had been a challenge. Imagine sending us all to school and at the same time giving us shelter.

Now I can’t help but smile and cry a little. Have you hugged, kissed and thanked your Mom today? Go ahead, she deserves it BIG TIME.


Mom, your 50 and still sexy!


My dearest mom turned 50 yesterday, so I figured out, I will confess about ‘some things’.

Mom if ever you read this, do not be mad, haha! You know I love you and always will.

1. One of my favorite past time when I was a kid was to sit down at your big mirror with 6 cabinets full of make up. Yes, I tried all your lipsticks and accessories. Though I do not wear make up everyday, I got lots. Thank you, now I am so vain but my friends love it.

2. I also love to wear your stilettos and walk around the house when you are gone. Not sure if you noticed it, but I guess not, because I make sure I return them properly and exactly where you left it. Thank you, for I have always been labeled as an OC girl.

3. The stockings that you have at home were always missing because when I try them on and take them off, they are all curled. So I immediately place them in the laundry afterwards. Thank you, for I have not loved stocking since then. Haha!

4. The day we fought over my ‘prom dress’ was one of the worst moments in my life. I ended up sleeping in all these shells that I have collected from our beach adventures and I took a lot of Vitamin C. I waited for something to happen and wondered why I was still okay until college days came and I learned that Vitamin C is a water based soluble one. Meaning, it will not cause death! (OMG, I can’t believe why am I spilling these secrets.) Thank you, for I am still alive.

5. Lastly, up to now, I am not 100% sure why you wanted me to become a nurse when in fact you know I love to take up Hotel Restaurant Management. I am sure you have your own reasons and Mother’s Knows Best all the time. Thank you, for making sure I am well-educated… maybe soon I will be able to use my nursing license. 🙂

Please please please! Forgive me for the everyday dramas. You knew I have always wanted to be an artist on stage and on TV. I love you always and you are the greatest mom ever. Do not worry about your weight, for you are SEXY as ever. Again, Happy Birthday! ♥