We might be crazy, stupid but we LOVE


So this is the week… where flowers and chocolates seem to fly around daily. Kisses and hugs are not enough for public display of affection and all that cheesy drama. Yes I am single and happy by choice and I do not dread valentines. I am actually a bit excited about it because I can’t wait to wear my yellow custard dress for a concert (Insert my craziness again).

My friends and I started this special week by watching the movie “crazy, stupid, love” and “one more chance”. I realized, we may have all these things and thoughts that we can attach to the feeling called “LOVE” but one thing is certain, we as humans are lucky to have the ability to love and ‘forgive and forget’. We can associate love with so many things, a lot say it is overated. In fact it is, but how did it become like that? Because we are so full of it… and no matter how we deny it, we love to love. SIMPLE RIGHT? We are the ones who makes it overated… I don’t know about you but I plan to keep it that way. ^^

So to all of you out there… let go of all the bitterness. LIVE AND LOVE this week and so on. As for me, I will donate some blood, sing for an event, watch a concert, eat dinner with friends and swim non-stop once the weekend comes.

Blurry weekend

Tuesday, another day to start of the work week. Thank you for the additional day off, happy MLK day to all those living in the U.S.

I started the weekend, Saturday with a bang! After work, my friends and I visited the National Museum, Intramuros, and had late lunch at the famous Ilustrados Restaurant. Nightime came, I still was not able to rest. My highschool batchmates came to our house for our alumni anniversary. Needless to say, when they left past midnight, I was in bed after cleaning up.


Sunday, I spent half of the day sleeping and the rest of the day watching movies with my sister Krissy. We finished 4 movies: Nowhere Boy (which I found very interesting since I love The Beatles), Green Lantern, Moonrise Kingdom (adored the characters), and Django (unfortunately, I fell asleep because it was too long).

Monday came and I was excited!!! Dad brought us to our new “kubo” in the middle of Laguna Lake. We had so much fun and being the eldest, I had to cook. Good thing there is google and “magic sinigang mix”. If not, I can’t imagine how and what will my sinigang version look and taste for that matter. Lol! We also had fried porkchop, stuffed milkfish and watermelon. Happy tummy!!! After lunch everyone was sleepy so we all took a nap while the wind was blowing hard. *mental note* bring a comforter next time 🙂



Tuesday!!! Tada!!! I made a decision to let go  my huge earrings collection. “Twinkle the star”, my online dream shop was born. Can’t believe that after so many debates I had with myself, I finally did it! I’m letting them go and though tears swell from my eyes, this is for the best. I just know it, mom was right… I can’t wear them all together.


1. I can be a homebuddy 🙂
2. Material things are really not that important.
3. Family comes first.
4. I should drink more water than coffee.
5. Cold weather makes me 20% more emotional than normal.
6. I should sleep more and read more.
7. I should really sleep or drag myself to sleep even if I don’t want to, like what’s happening now.

Hope you had a great one dear friends 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures

They loved me, I loved them back. 2012, You have been great and I won’t ever forget you, I know 2013 will be happier and more inspiring than ever.

At exactly 10 hours from now, 2012 will officially close. I just want to thank God for the blessings. Countless, countless, countless… from family, friends, relatives, love lost, love found and all in between. My heart is full of joy as I leave all my worries behind. I have gained enough wisdom to move on and enjoy my 28th year here on earth. Again to all the people around me who said I am inspiring as ever, I am delighted! Really, I feel like I am a star now. Do not worry, will make sure to inspire people and help in every possible way I can. The adrenaline rush of joy will stay with me each day. Life has never been this great and I have never been more positive. To all those who were there for me during my ‘downward emotional’ state, I appreciate it. Now, I am so much better. Self forgiven and self driven.

I ♥ you all. I mean it!

Perks of Being a Good Friend

“We accept the love we think we deserve”

This quote stayed with me from the first day I read it from “Perks of Being a Wallflower” by Stephen Chbosky. I am excited to see it on the big screen and “feel infinite”.

Mona, my dear friend borrowed the book and when I got it back, I was so freak*n happy! Surprise, surprise, surprise! I got gifts! Small things make my day and receiving letter from friends and loved ones never fail to make my heart pump 2 more extra liters (At times, I feel that my heart is gonna burst from too much excitement).

Thank you so much Mona, if I can change my name to Aster I would. I just love the sound of it, better than A is for Apple.

“So, this is my life. And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I’m still trying to figure out how that could be”

“It was the kind of kiss that made me know that I was never so happy in my whole life.”

“As you enter the tunnel, the wind gets sucked away, and you squint from the lights overhead. When you adjust to the lights, you can see the other side in the distance just as the sound of the radio fades to nothing because the waves just can’t reach. Then, you’re in the middle of the tunnel, and everything becomes a calm dream. As you see the opening get closer, you just can’t get there fast enough. And finally, just when you think you’ll never get there, you see the opening right in front of you. And the radio comes back even louder than you remember it. And the wind is waiting. And you fly out of the tunnel onto the bridge. And there it is. The city. A million lights and buildings and everything seems as exciting as the first time you saw it.”

“Then I turned around and walked to my room and closed my door and put my head under my pillow and let the quiet put things where they are supposed to be.”

“Sam tapped her hand on the steering wheel. Patrick held his hand outside the car and made air waves. And I just sat between them. After the song finished, I said something. I feel infinite.”

Girl in Blue and Men in Black

Spent my whole day watching “Men in Black” movies. To tell you honestly, I was never a big fan of this alien thingy stuff. I mean, I adore Starwars but not MIB. Still I needed to give myself a chance to know the story, expanding my horizon is one thing I am good at.

I woke up earlier as usual, popped out of bed, had breakfast and started my DVD marathon. First movie was cool, I met characters K and J (and the aliens which I found cute). So they became partners in crime and saving the earth from bad aliens who wanted to invade Earth. Their action stunts are well executed along with their weird guns and “Neuralyzer”. The idea of using a neuralyzer was actually cool but not so cool when it comes to the truth. It wipes out the past event that recently happened, worse, it can wipe out all your memory (depends which level are they gonna click). Like having an alzheimers I believe. My favorite part of the movie was when Agent K searched for her wife using the PC and saw her gardening. It was the time when he was thinking how he missed her so much and all of it was taken away since he joined MIB (part of the deal was that he never existed).

MIB 2, the fighting and saving and neuralyzing continues with K and J hand in hand. Although at the start of it, Agent J needed to bring back Agent K the hard way. Still they survived and saved the planet earth again.

Third movie of the Men in Black for me was the best. The plot was great specially if you watched the first two movies before watching the last one. Also it comes in 3D that made the effects amazing! Talk about the story in a deep way, it tackled “TRUTH”. Agent J needed to follow Agent K by time travelling and save him. As per Agent K, “There are questions you don’t wanna know the answer”. True enough, the ending has the biggest twist! Turned out that when Agent K was about to get shot by Boris the animal, a man saved him. That man was Agent J’s father. Since that was Year 1969 (if I’m not mistaken) James was very young and K had to use the neuralyzer so that the memories he had with his dad will be forgotten. This is the part when I was crying my heart out because as a grown up, J witnessed the biggest heartache of his life, and the truth was laid out before him. Turned out that Agent K from the very start chose Agent J for a reason.

As for me, I do not ask if I’m not interested in the answer. Some questions are presented to us the hard way, answering them are way too difficult. Sometimes, it’s for the best that we don’t know the answer to our questions. We just need to believe that our answers are the truth and live by it. Now I LOVE MEN IN BLACK!

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