Wish you were here Bob


“Man is a universe within himself” as you said. Thank you thank you Bob for being a positive influence in my life. Haven’t had the chance to smoke weed and I promise to only try it if I get to meet you in another lifetime (haha!). They said you write music under a big tree in Jaimaca, well, if that’s true, please let me watch you closely. I would also like to touch your dreadlocks, maybe it will feel rough but I care less. May the world continue to live with your words “one love”.

Happy birthday to you and all the rasta’s in the world.

My music

Walking alone with my headset on

Along the brown pavement and striped ped lanes

I am literally alone

But when this song starts to play

My heart beats with the rhythm

As the wind gently touches my hair

At that moment

I know I’m not alone

So I smile and continue to walk on


“If your sky is falling
Just take my hand and hold it
You don’t have to be alone, alone yeah
I won’t let you go”
– James Morrison

Will be singing with Ely Buendia

Growing up, I have loved Eraserheads and other Pinoy bands. So excited to see the lead vocalist Ely Buendia performing their old hits later with my office friends at the Music Museum. We will be singing non-stop with Ely! Yahoo! Hopefully, I’ll get to hear “Magasin”, “Spolarium”, and “With a smile”, top three hits from Eraserheads that bring good old feelings.