Not My Love Story

Tomorrow will be a big day! Guess what, after almost 4 years, my brother and her wife will be married inside the Church. Though we started months ago preparing for tomorrow’s event, we are still cramming for small details that needed attention up to today. Earlier, I was given a task, I thought it was really easy since I just need to write a short love story about my brother and sister in law. Now, I find myself staring at a large piece of paper with some notes on it. I do not know where to start, so now I am here, sharing my experience with you. Maybe the reason why I am having such a hard time is because it is not my love story at all. I mean, if I am the one in love, for sure, words will be  overflowing.

Time is running and I NEED to finish this up. All I need is an inspiration… and guess what I found, a perfect picture of the groom and bride, looking so HAPPY and IN LOVE! Now, I can write their love story. Congratulations for tomorrow! I bet it will be a success!