Halfway there July!


Hello there loves! 16 days had passed and I am uber happy that this month was full of nothing but great memories. Last Sunday was jam-packed! We started it by visiting the Quezon Memorial Circle. It was my first time to visit this place and I truly enjoyed it. Walking and biking has never been this fun! How come I only knew this place now? I’m turning 28 soon, haha!


After that we headed straight to Las Villas Del Cielo where we celebrated our birthdays together! Amie, Ampy, Alexa and I 🙂 Thank you so much to all our friends especially Gen and Ampy for taking good care of everything. Sorry if I kept on swimming the entire time.


Lots of food choices! I had a hard time choosing what to eat. From rice, viands, Amber’s barbecue and all that!

jona instagram

By 1:30 P.M. after the heavy rain, I headed next to “Truth Hurts and Other Lies of Non-Fiction”. Jona, Dredd, Kirby, Shine and I attended the event together.


Yes, yes, my cells are full of energy. After the quick talk, I headed straight home to  Binangonan to prepare a small dinner for my friends. So here’s the funny story, my dearest girl friends Ghel, Jambi and Bham knows I am aware of surprises(most of the time I am the leader of parties and all that). So I saw this cake on the dinner table and I asked my sissy (the girl wearing white, upper left hand corner) to whom the cake was for. She said it was for Cla so I didn’t mind. Before dinner started my two friends said “Wait, blow your cake first”, I was like, “Sorry but the cake is not for us” and then they started laughing. Turned out IT WAS FOR ME! And yes, I was really surprised. I believed my sister when she said it was not for me. I didn’t even bother to check the dedication on the cake since I was busy preparing our food. 🙂 I was at a lost for words. These friends of mine really caught me off guard. I bet my expression was priceless, my jaw literally dropped opened. All I said in the end was “You got me there, thank you so much for the cake”.


From the bottom of my heart, thank you dears! 🙂


Unfortunately the night has to end and two of my friends are working the following day. We said our goodbyes after our small photo op. Thank you so much to my ever patient sissy who took our photos.

Another Sunday well spent! How was yours?

Third Sunday of December

Start of Christmas parties! Before I go to sleep and rest. I would like to share my third Sunday. Had a blast with these girls and Ton of course (the only guy in our group). Though Mafel, Bham and Levy didn’t make it, at least we had a good time.
Christmas Party 2012 (2)Sending our Christmas greeting to everyone ♥

Christmas Party 2012 (3)My outfit: Statement shirt, pants, and Primadonna shoes 🙂

Christmas Party 2012 (4)

Played with lights

Christmas Party 2012 (5)

Laughing Yoga with my dearest girls!

Christmas Party 2012 (6)

Can’t believe I survived wearing that pair!

Christmas Party 2012 (7)Solo and vanity moments

Christmas Party 2012 (8)We got some freebies from each other, thanks to Jambi for the necklace and Sheera for the headbands, also, bracelets from Marco.

Christmas Party 2012 (1)Nice sunset right?

That’s it for now! How was your Sunday? Hope you had a good time too like mine.

Old places, old times, old friends

These photos were taken last year before I went to Dubai. Of course I chose pink as our group color 🙂 . Intramuros will always be a great place for photowalks specially if you love culture, heritage and old places.

Hoping we can find some time to visit the place again, everyone seems so busy lately.

Nothing can replace old places, times and friends.