Fly and Bleed


She ran away as fast as she could

Until she can no longer feel her feet touching the ground

The numbness, the light feeling, it was great

The cloud tasted of cotton candy, the wind was somewhat cold against her bare skin


Then it started raining

Small drops

Loud thunder

Fast lightning

In an instant the gravity was pulling her back


With a big thump she landed back on earth

Her face covered with thick mud

Her eyelids felt heavy

Salty tears started to roll down her eyes


That’s when she realized

She’s exactly where she should be

Back in the hands of reality

Where everything bites, until you can bleed no more

The Glass Table

It started up with a small chip of mistake

We didn’t let it go

Until it tore our trust apart

Another chip on the end

That was caused by unwanted jealousy

Then triggered anger and hate

In time, the crack reached the middle of the table

In one wrong move, it fell

Thousands of small glass on the floor

Neither one of us wanted to pick the pieces

As we slowly walk away from each other

We bleed and cry

Doodlings on my doodle notebook I

“The Silent Killer”

The most painful goodbye for me are the quiet ones where no words were whispered. You were just left hanging on air. You keep on guessing why and how it came to a point where silence meant “the end”. Compare it with a resounding goodbye. At least you have something to remember that yes, the other person left for good. Because the word goodbye came out of their lips, travelled in the air, passed through your ears, processed in your brains and hit your heart straight to the core.

So if you want to leave someone, tell them, let them hear it. Be brutal if you must even once in your life though you don’t want to. It will hurt like all the broken promises but better than to keep them guessing right? Remember, not all people are mind readers, give them the freedom they deserve. Do not worry for they will heal no matter what happens.


I doodle a lot. It does not matter where, these are my thoughts running and I want to catch them like colorful butterflies and keep them in a jar. If you have anything to share or have any questions in mind, please feel free to comment. Thank you ♥

Love in a cup and whispered verses

Funny how some things start from black and white. They said a person will enter another person’s world when it’s time for them to meet. I call them “magical moments”. 

Then from time to time, it develops into something real. You learn to let go of all your pasts and just realize “Hey, this one is worth taking”. So we throw away all the fears, endless doubts and start to walk down the long black tunnel again.

Some tunnels are long and hard to get out to but we continue to paint things on our own one step at a time. When we reach the end we feel so glad we decided to leave that black hole and decided to free ourselves. The lights may blur our vision for a moment, but there’s someone standing in front of us, reaching for us saying “I will never ever leave, that’s infinite.”


Times like this, when I feel my heart is sinking into the bottom of the sea, I sit at coffee shops, alone. I leave my books, Ipod and other things that can cause distractions. I have created this habit of staring at people and making conversations in my head. He saying “I love you” and she whispering “I love you too!”. You can tell how one feels on how their body reacts. How the universe pulls them closer to the person where they get their energy from. They are full of happiness and compassion.

On the other hand, what I hate most is when I see another person, alone, crying talking to someone over the phone. It makes me want to sit right next to them, hug them and look deep into their eyes so I can feel the pain of what they are going through. But of course that’s invasion of privacy. So what do I do? Offer small prayers and love verses… and end it with, “This too shall pass, like any other moment”. After that, I stand up and leave, hoping the wind will bring my message to that person.

The star that I used to know

There she is sitting pretty in her book

The book that I gave her

How can she glow when I am so broken?

My shattered heart cannot take it

But the world still pulls me in her direction

My feet walked towards her

I do not know what to say

She looked up

Her eyes so brown and deep

“How can you leave me like this?”

I asked in silence

Heaven does not hear my woes

No answer, just plain quietness

I am so mad

Mad at things but not at her

How can I hate such a beautiful creature?

She, who stole my heart away

But then decided to break it anyway


She was the star that I used to know

The star that I can never have, again