Nemiranda Art House and Atelier Cafe Restaurant

On the way home to Binangonan…

I : Sis, I really need to pee

Sissy : Hold it, we’re almost home

I : No, I can’t. Let’s eat goto, my treat

Sissy : Okay, no problem! But let’s just visit Nemiranda Cafe

I : As long as I can pee

***All because I have to pee, we discovered this beautiful place, ART STUFF 🙂 ***

Isabelo Garden Restaurant, a taste of heaven!

Last year, my Team Manager Eldrige celebrated his birthday. We watched ZsaZsa Zaturnnah Ze Muzikal first at CCP and afterwards we headed to Isabelo Garden Restaurant located in Marikina City. This restaurant really amazed me, first thing that popped in my head, it would be a very lovely idea to dine in here if you want to propose to your partner. The place was romantic and everything was perfectly placed, from old lamps, seashells, plants, lights, everything! All those things, makes me wanna be there all day and night! I apologized if I were not able to take pictures of the food, but I guarantee you, absolutely the entire menu is a must try. This place is only for reservation though and they only serve dinner, so make sure you don’t miss visiting their website or calling them before you go there. One more thing about this restaurant is that the very gorgeous owner actually assists her customers. We were actually a bit late for our schedule but she still waited for us, very kind of her. So for those of you who haven’t been to heaven, visit this place and soon, you will find yourself planning another dinner in advance.

The owner, Ms. Portia Dee Baluyut (I do not own this picture, this was taken from their website)

With the birthday boy, TM Eldrige

One lovely painting

You can take pictures even in the washroom! So picture perfect!

The artistic place matches my artistic pants

Cozy lights

Who wouldn’t want to dine in here?

Art Gallery

It has been a long time since I have visited the Megamall Art Center, I just wanted to share how great art is! One of the best ways to destress, truly amazing works. I will never be good at paintings and making sculptures so least I can do is appreciate them with all my heart.

 Biggest eyes ever

 Sleeping with a broken heart?

 Waiting until the end


 Black and white

 Want to play me while eating?

 A body that never rusts

 Art of thy walls

 Praying for solitude

 A million dollar smile under the yellow light