My Mom and her sacrifices

943151_10200708453508128_628007276_nMy mothers name is Liberty, first thing that would come to my mind is the Statue of Liberty. True enough, she has always been. Standing tall no matter how heavy the wind is or how strong a storm builds. She has always been there for us, not only ups and downs but through twists and turns. There came a time when I thought the things she has said does not make sense. But at this age, I am beginning to see the light in her words and the real meaning behind them.

Most mothers sacrifice themselves in the hope of bringing up strong and good will minded children. Mom was never an exemption, I knew that at times she almost gave up on her own faith. But maybe seeing seven kids before her, she believes she just can’t give up. Her daily struggles when working with my Dad had been a challenge. Imagine sending us all to school and at the same time giving us shelter.

Now I can’t help but smile and cry a little. Have you hugged, kissed and thanked your Mom today? Go ahead, she deserves it BIG TIME.


My wonderful family

The family.  We were a strange little band of characters trudging through life sharing diseases and toothpaste, coveting one another’s desserts, hiding shampoo, borrowing money, locking each other out of our rooms, inflicting pain and kissing to heal it in the same instant, loving, laughing, defending, and trying to figure out the common thread that bound us all together.  ~Erma Bombeck

 (Left to right, top to bottom: Rose, Dad, Mom, Kuya Jovert, Caitlyn, Kriss, LJ, JL and myself)

Childhood memories will always stay with me. I may have forgotten some things but the funny and memorable ones will always stay. My lips are actually curving into a smile as I share this out. When I was a kid, I remember my nanny will always pinch me because she will always find me in my mother’s room. And what am I doing? Facing the mirror, drawing lines on my face, blush on here, eye shadow there and red lipstick smudged on my lips. That’s not it, I am already wearing my Tita’s old wooden heeled shoes, my mother’s fishnet stockings and yellow dress. As you see, vanity called me at an early age. Then, my sister Lily Rose actually fell into a fire and got her feet burned because the moon was following her and she doesn’t want that she said. Those are just two funny ones, I have a lot in my closet. These stories just proves that in our family, memories last and they always will. I am honored to be a great part of this family, I cannot imagine myself without them. Pretty much, here are the characters.

Dad Lebong – “Daddy” as we call him is a very hard working man. He is a registered nurse but only practiced it for a year. He said he is better when it comes to agriculture business. Thus he chose the fisheries industry. Every weekend, when we are home, he NEVER fails to offer food everytime, as in every 2 hours, he calls us to eat. That it the reason why my diet plan sucks! Never works! Haha!

Mom Lily – “Mommy” is also a very hard working fine woman. She studied interior design back in college. That explains why we have 4 sala set and 4 dining tables in our house. Currently, she is also assisting my dad in our business. They’re such a match! Although sometimes, it’s given, they will have some “issues”. (But they talk it out, so in the end, there’s no problem at all) She used to go to Baclaran Church every Wednesday and attend mass, I told her to just visit another church instead because when it’s too hot, her blood pressure shoots up. Good thing she listened and now she visits SM Megamall Chapel instead.

Brother Jovert – “Kuya” is now married to Ate Mutya, and they have a very chubby daughter named Caitlyn. (I was the one who chose her name, it means “Purity”) Caitlyn as you can see, is like my parents 8th child. Why? She is always here in our house. Everybody loves her.

Sister Jolly Vi – “Ate Vi” is also married to Kuya D’gee and they have a wonderful daughter named Air Crinkle. They are currently residing in Maryland, USA. My mom and dad had a chance to visit them last year. I envy then, they had loads of fun!

Sister Lily Rose – “Rose” or “Sissy” as I call her is an emergency nurse. She enjoys her job, although it’s a fact that nurses here in the Philippines are underpaid. She loves to eat out, eat out, eat out! Lol, that’s why she grew so big.

Sister Kriss – “Krissy” is still studying Bachelor of Science in Nursing, she will be graduating this April 2012. Woah! We already have 4 nurses in the family, including myself and my dad. Bigtime!

Brothers Jesus Lourd and Lourd Jesus – “JL and LJ” currently in high school are my twin brothers. Their patience are short I guess and most of the time, they like to hang out with their friend “computer” and play never ending online games. Which I believe is no good. I tried talking to them, but they never gave me a chance. Any way, as long as they are inside the house, it’s fine with my parents.

So, there they are! I am one happy member of our family! We maybe crazy at times but we are having so much fun with our lives.