Peaceful July: Mornings


Peace comes in the morning when you first open your eyes
Though your hairstrands are twisted due to endless tossing and turning
You still feel beautiful inside
Heart beats faster as you accept the light illuminating from the window
Excitement overflows when you think of positive things that await you
A brand new day
Another day to gain wisdom
Another day to love again
Another day to smile

Peace be with you


Peace be with you and the people around you

While the sun rises

I hope your heart is filled with new chances

Chances to live, to forgive, to love a new person,

to change for the better and a new day to spread positivity

While the wind is blowing

May your worries and fears fly away with them

May your soul be filled with confidence and greater power

Then you will have what you want

An aura full of peace that lights up the sky like the sun above

My usual weekend morning view

Growing up in a family that runs a fishing farm, FISHES, has been a daily part of our lives. During weekends, once I’m up from my bed with a coffee in hand I rush at the terrace and stare at the view above. It has been my favorite part of the house since my parents decided to renovate our place. When I look at these golden fishes, I feel at peace. Seeing them swim in motion, water splashing and their gills moving makes my heart feel so alive. God is great, all the things He did are great, the fishes, you and I. 🙂