Daily Prompt: Silver Linings


Imagine darkness
Where you can’t decide whether to step your right or left foot first
Imagine darkness
Where your other senses heightened since you can’t see a thing
I bet you are afraid

Now, close your eyes
Open them again

Imagine darkness
This time with small twinkling lights above your head
Imagine darkness
Where the moon light traces the tip of your fingertips
I bet you are hopeful

For the last time close your eyes

And when you peek through them, though it’s dark, you have seen the world in a different perspective

Life may be dark, but every second is worth living!


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Mirror of Happiness


Happiness starts from within
True joy will burst like a fountain
Once you learn to embrace yourself

Happiness comes in different form and sizes
True joy will always be handy if you do what you love
Once you share it, it never fails to multiply

Happiness is the key to achieving things
True joy will always follow after
Once you risk it all and free yourself from worry

For once, let it all go and experience happiness and real joy from within

Daily Prompt: Impossibility

Not so sure if I will be able to finish 6, but let me try. Been busy these past days and this Daily Prompt brought some real deep thinking. Without further ado, the six impossible things I believe in.

1347907111_sonnet_xvii_neruda1. My head will be full of Pablo Neruda’s poetry and I can recite them live. Just the thought of having all those lines stuck in my head is like walking on words and on a life of real lover. In all honesty, I am not yet done reading all of his works, but  ever since I did, I fell in love with his sincere thoughts and wise words about love.

Real-Men2. All men knows how to open a door for a lady. To the male population, not sure if you still do this for your girl, mother, grandmother, aunt’s. But yeah, 200 additional points for you if you still do. I know and I want to believe, that all men still have their gentlemanly ways one way or another. Would it really hurt if you open a door for someone?



3. I will be able to catch a falling star. And then die afterwards, lol. I can imagine how big it will be and how it can eat me alive.



images4. Visit all the beaches mentioned in Kokomo.

♫♫♫ Aruba, Jamaica ooo I wanna take you, To Bermuda, Bahama come on pretty mama, Key Largo, Montego baby why don’t we go, down to Kokomo. ♫♫♫

…and drink Piña Coladas each time.

images (1)

5. There is still one Unicorn alive. They will always be magical and like fairy tales, I will be able to ride one and have a great time just like when I was a kid and oh so free! That cute white horse with a golden horn? Who wouldn’t want to see one? 🙂


544403_10200322998750156_88902840_n6. Love can save the day with all the impossible ways. This photo quote was shared to my friends and myself by one of the closest chica’s I have. Often we get too overwhelmed by love  and then we curse it at the end if all goes wrong and not the way we want it to be. But who are we not to love and not to believe in its power. The legendary one will come I know, he who will surpass them all, the one who will make the impossible, Possible.