Photowords: Three phrases that changed my life

Words are very powerful. I believe that they are life changing and it affects each and everyone of us. So far in my past 26 years of existence, I have spoken these words  straight from my heart:

1. Thank you
This is the easiest phrase that we can say. May it be with the manong driver that we constantly meet every time we ride a trike, a fx, a bus or whatever transportation it may be. They needed to hear that someone is actually thankful that they are there so we can travel from one place to another. Without drivers, imagine how life would be.

2. You’re welcome
This should be automatic once someone said “Thank you” to you. I find it amusing how people actually smile once I say this phrase, it’s like they have never heard it before. Or maybe I use it too many times but I do not care, as long as someone said “thank you”, “you’re welcome” will follow. It just shows how sincere you are for what you have done for the other person.

3. I’m sorry

Is a word not used by PRIDE driven people. It takes gut to say “sorry ” to a person specially if you feel that they are the wrong doers. Consequently, I have learned to let go of my pride, I look at the angles of life in different ways now. In my perspective, eating my pride most of the time is the best solution. And once you have mastered it, “I’m sorry” will be next in line.

We all have our favorite words and phrases, but please take time and consider what I have shared and I hope soon, it will be your favorites too!

Shirts that talk and lights up!

I was sitting at the department store last last week, little did I realize, these shirts are talking to me. Or, they wanted to speak to me, lol! Call me crazy or what but I want to buy all of them. Unfortunately, I’m currently out of budget. I can buy them but I am afraid of starvation. I always make sure I have a lot of extras when it comes to my food budget. Anyway, I am thinking of buying my sisters and brothers these shirts for Christmas, so we will be in uniform.

 This will fit my sister Lily Rose since most of the time she looks angry, haha!

 This will fit my two twin brother, makes me laugh!

 Now this one is for Sis Krissy!

 The last one? for me? Since I’m the bomb! Just kiddin’!

The thing is, I shared these pictures with my sisters and they have a different idea. You know this popular LED shirts? It’s just like a sticker and it has a battery that you need to place on your pocket. The one that lights depending on the music. I mean, they will light up if there’s any kind of noise but it’s better to wear this one at the bar! I can imagine myself wearing this on our year end party. I will feel fab and hip hop! I can’t wait to have one! For sure I will be dancing all night!

I Thank God Everyday!

99% of time, I always feel blessed. Do not get me wrong, my life is not utterly perfect, I had my share of downward spirals and twisted trials. However, God never fails to reach out to me. I am weird but I always get this feeling that He is talking to me. Everything that’s happening in my life, I know He always wanted to make a connection, may it be a sad, difficult or a happy situation. Growing up in a Catholic school,  I have always been taught how to pray and seek God everywhere. It was very helpful indeed, nothing compares to the power of sincere prayer. I know that we have different religions, but in my opinion, is does not really matter as long as we recognize that we have someone greater above us.

Now, I wanted to share to the whole wide world how blessed I am with my life. I am feeling a bit mushy today but I have a lot to thank God for and these are some of them, for having a great family, a very big and loving one actually, for my hardworking parents, for my funny siblings, for my cute niece Caitlyn, for my extended relatives, for true friends who are always there to make me smile, for a lovely house, for my Dad’s business, for the good music around us, for having food everyday, for my make ups and clothes, for my God given talents, for my other creative talents, for my pearly whites and for all those things that God is continually providing me. I can go all day listing things, this is an endless one!

And this point in time, I could not ask for more, all I need to do, is PRAY. So what are you waiting for? Have you thank God yet? Stay blessed like me!

Isabelo Garden Restaurant, a taste of heaven!

Last year, my Team Manager Eldrige celebrated his birthday. We watched ZsaZsa Zaturnnah Ze Muzikal first at CCP and afterwards we headed to Isabelo Garden Restaurant located in Marikina City. This restaurant really amazed me, first thing that popped in my head, it would be a very lovely idea to dine in here if you want to propose to your partner. The place was romantic and everything was perfectly placed, from old lamps, seashells, plants, lights, everything! All those things, makes me wanna be there all day and night! I apologized if I were not able to take pictures of the food, but I guarantee you, absolutely the entire menu is a must try. This place is only for reservation though and they only serve dinner, so make sure you don’t miss visiting their website or calling them before you go there. One more thing about this restaurant is that the very gorgeous owner actually assists her customers. We were actually a bit late for our schedule but she still waited for us, very kind of her. So for those of you who haven’t been to heaven, visit this place and soon, you will find yourself planning another dinner in advance.

The owner, Ms. Portia Dee Baluyut (I do not own this picture, this was taken from their website)

With the birthday boy, TM Eldrige

One lovely painting

You can take pictures even in the washroom! So picture perfect!

The artistic place matches my artistic pants

Cozy lights

Who wouldn’t want to dine in here?

ABC’s of Life

I visited the mall yesterday, SM Megamall was having it’s 3-day sale. So to speak, there were a lot of people buying this and that. I came from my shift so I was really tired, by 3pm I decided to head home. I was on the FX terminal, it was not so hot since the rain just poured out over the Manila area. Suddenly, I heard noises and when I turned around there was an old lady who was very giddy. Good thing the couple behind was able to catch her. People were panicking because the old lady fainted. I can’t believe myself when I shouted “Ikuha niyo si Lola ng upuan dun!” (“Get grandma a chair there!”) while pointing to the area where they can get one. I am not sure if they heard me but soon enough, someone got them one. I wanted to approach the old lady and assess her. I want to tell her who I was and maybe I can help. I want to tell her to unhook her bra and tell the people around her to calm down. AIRWAY, BREATHING and CIRCULATION were the first things I remember. Unfortunately, my nursing license is expired, good thing the good hearted couple took care of her, they had her drink water, called security guards and even went home with her. I know they will be blessed. God will bless them for being so kind.

One realization for me, I still remember the basics when it comes to emergency, seems like the earth is telling me that I should become a nurse eventhough I am on denial telling myself I will not survive hospital work. Let us see what will happen in the future.

Art Gallery

It has been a long time since I have visited the Megamall Art Center, I just wanted to share how great art is! One of the best ways to destress, truly amazing works. I will never be good at paintings and making sculptures so least I can do is appreciate them with all my heart.

 Biggest eyes ever

 Sleeping with a broken heart?

 Waiting until the end


 Black and white

 Want to play me while eating?

 A body that never rusts

 Art of thy walls

 Praying for solitude

 A million dollar smile under the yellow light