My blank mind and B.I.R.

Everyday, every waking moment I do think about a lot of things. However, there are moments like this where I do not know where to start. I feel tired today, I recently applied for a job and got accepted. In relation to having a new work I need to submit a lot of requirements. I am not a lazy person, in fact, I want to do things right away as long as I have the time. Lately, I am feeling a bit different, seems like I am taking some things for granted. I am not sure if this is just because of the hormonal changes when girls are having their time of the month. Anyway, after two weeks of fixing my requirements, I am glad to say I was able to finish completing my papers and all that. Well, not 100% completed but I am almost there. I am so thankful my sister assisted me earlier when I went to BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue) and have my RDO (Revenue District Office) code changed.

If in case anyone residing in the Philippines will have the same problem, here’s my advice:

1.) Call BIR first so you are sure what is your RDO code and where you are registered. Here’s their hotline 981-8888 available from 8 am  to 5 pm Mondays until Fridays only. The holding time might take a few minutes but someone will answer, don’t worry. The guy who assisted me was really nice and helpful. He even gave me a reference number at the end of a call. Talk about good customer service! Since I live in Rizal area, my RDO code was 046 and I need to have it transferred to RDO 044 which is in Taguig.

2.) Go to the place where you are registered. Have a copy of Form 1905 which is for Application for Registration Information Update for Updating / Cancellation of Registration / Cancellation of TIN / New Copy of TIN card / New copy of Certificate of Registration. In my case, the employer who hired me already gave me a copy. If you don’t have a one, you can ask at the site or download from this site

3.) Fill up the information needed on the form and then line up so you will be assisted. I recommend you answer three copies  of Form 1905. Once it’s your turn, they will just stamp and sign on the three forms. Keep one for your employer, one for your file and the last copy, BIR will get it so they can process the request. After that, you’re done! They will just tell you to check with the area you had your RDO changed after 3-5 business days if it was successfully transferred.

Hope this blog can help in the future. My thoughts? At the end of the day, I still have some things to say. Lol! Kudos to me!