The one who’s always there


Cheers to the night when I can’t sleep and you were available. You seem to know how to communicate to me in a quiet way like no one can do. To the realizations of 2013 and that life will never be the same each passing day. I sip the night away and you were okay with that. Not like the others who wanted and expected more from me. It’s okay to be melancholic around you, or happy, or crazy, or naked. You didn’t care and accepted me for who I am. My sweet cup of coffee… stay with me. Looking forward to more nights and realizations in between. Keep your silence, for my world crumbles up with thoughts that I can’t seem to control at times. I promise to keep this type of relationship with you. 🙂

Love is all around me and so the feeling grows

Mondays are made for LOVE. That is what I will believe in starting today. I mean, I know LOVE is a daily thing but this day showed me Love in two different angles.

Love can be seen in a face of a lady who’s excited to have a date with the man of her life. A dear friend of mine, whom I am not sure if I should name (haha) is very happy and all giddy as I helped her plan her weekend getaway. My heart was racing with excitement just by thinking how happy their trip will be. Thank you friend for trusting me with this one… now I have another event to specialize on aside from the birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers etc… that is “Date Planning”. Just the thought of writing the letters ETD and ETA makes me jump for joy!

Love can be heard in the laughter of a couple sharing one umbrella under the non-stop rain. After a quick Iced Cafe Mocha with Mint syrup date, I walked to the place where the fx should be waiting. I heard cute little noises, I stopped looking at my feet and my eyes fell on this lovely couple having a really good time together. They were laughing their hearts out, the echos of their love were magical. It was like watching a scene from a movie and I was so glad I was there, right then and there.

See, Love doubles up! It can actually take you to places you have never imagined. One must know how to open their hearts and let the love in. Accept love like you have never been hurt. That is the only way to heal a broken heart. There should be no place for long time hatred. 🙂


He was the one who told me that my eyes were lovely yet didn’t seem to care when I was crying
He was the one who stood by me holding the umbrella but did not enjoy the rain drops
He was the one who made me smile during mornings and made me frown before the day ends
He was worth everything until he proved I am wrong

Most importantly…

He was the one who told me not to give up on us and at the same time taught me when to let go,

So I did.

11:54 pm thoughts


For the nth time I told myself that I don’t need coffee in a day. Guess what? I found myself walking down the stairs, boiled some water and tearing with all my glory… the Nescafe 3in1 coffee sachet (Duh! You do need coffee little lady)!

4 days, 4 more days and I will be reborn. Turning 28 I guess has never been this exciting. Some people (especially ladies) will probably be so afraid if they are still single at this lifetime. Funny how some think that a relationship can fulfill their womanhood/manhood. I on the other hand completely disagree with that. A person can only be insanely happy once they have accepted themselves as a whole. And if the forces are with you and you meet ‘the one’, then life must be on your side all along. You see, my point is, being single might hurt but all those pains will be worth it once you see and hear the sparks flying.

People have been asking me over and over why am I still single. I simply answer, “I am not rushing, besides I don’t see fireworks yet” (and prolly it’s a choice). He will enter my life in the most unexpected day and the most unexpexted way. I will know it. My heart and soul will know it, all at once, without a doubt.

Relationships should always mold us into someone or something greater than we used to. They need to shape us to our better selves.




Felt like fall when you went away

Couldn’t stop praying you’ll come back this way

Then all the other seasons passed

I knew our roads would never cross again

All I have are memories kept inside a jar

And an open heart for a new-found love

Like a leafless tree

I stand my ground



Until someone waters me to life again


When love dies…


When love dies it is not only heartbreaking. It makes us cry and grieve for something special has left us. The pain comes in different levels and it changes us to a different person. A smarter one in most cases, while some choose to dwell in the dark shadows of love and won’t move on. Just like the sunflower above, the leaves wither, the petals turn into brown and fall. But it must not stop us from continuing to love another soul. Another soul that would be worth all the pain and suffering we have gone through. Learn to love again, soon the flowers will bloom and your world will be as colorful as before, only this time much sweeter.

We might be crazy, stupid but we LOVE


So this is the week… where flowers and chocolates seem to fly around daily. Kisses and hugs are not enough for public display of affection and all that cheesy drama. Yes I am single and happy by choice and I do not dread valentines. I am actually a bit excited about it because I can’t wait to wear my yellow custard dress for a concert (Insert my craziness again).

My friends and I started this special week by watching the movie “crazy, stupid, love” and “one more chance”. I realized, we may have all these things and thoughts that we can attach to the feeling called “LOVE” but one thing is certain, we as humans are lucky to have the ability to love and ‘forgive and forget’. We can associate love with so many things, a lot say it is overated. In fact it is, but how did it become like that? Because we are so full of it… and no matter how we deny it, we love to love. SIMPLE RIGHT? We are the ones who makes it overated… I don’t know about you but I plan to keep it that way. ^^

So to all of you out there… let go of all the bitterness. LIVE AND LOVE this week and so on. As for me, I will donate some blood, sing for an event, watch a concert, eat dinner with friends and swim non-stop once the weekend comes.