Mirror of Happiness


Happiness starts from within
True joy will burst like a fountain
Once you learn to embrace yourself

Happiness comes in different form and sizes
True joy will always be handy if you do what you love
Once you share it, it never fails to multiply

Happiness is the key to achieving things
True joy will always follow after
Once you risk it all and free yourself from worry

For once, let it all go and experience happiness and real joy from within

Stop and stare

For some time, I became a prisoner of own

Not knowing where to run because I keep on holding on

To things I thought existed

Like a the sun in the winter’s sky

It came to me, I have to let go

I stopped, stared and looked in the mirror

I was nowhere to be found, so I decided to break it

Hundreds of pieces scattered as my hands bleed

That point in time, I was freed

***Poetry inspired by the music of One Republic***