Biboy now that I found you @ Chicago Family Ktv Bar And Restaurant

Finally, time to sing! Yes, we Filipinos love Karaoke… one of the many ways to release stress while having a blast. Last Saturday after our shift, we decided to visit Chicago Family KTV Bar and Restaurant at 88 Meralco Ave. cor. Julia Vargas St., Ortigas Center,Pasig City.

If I am not mistaken, this place used to be Gutson’s, a place for beers and billiards. The renovation of the place had a great impact, the place is so much better! From the name (which reminds of me of the wonderful musical movie), the interiors and the food! Plus, the staff were very accommodating too. Love restaurants and places with excellent customer service.

Sorry I forgot the brochure that I got from them, I left it at the table I guess. We got a room package for 5000.00 pesos, not bad since it can fit up to 12 persons and it includes food, beers and 2 hours singing time. (TIP: do not forget to try their NACHOS!) You have a lot of packages to choose from, to make sure just call them at 02-637-9582 for more details. If possible, reserve the place in advance. The place is very busy during weekends, when we arrive, there’s only one room left.

I will not go into further details about what happened, haha, I had a great time. Singing together has never been this fun, and I didn’t know that the name “Biboy” can be found in most songs, lol! BABY = BIBOY

Logo outside

Another logo at the side, sorry Miss, whoever you are, didn’t know you were walking out.

The reception area

Bar outside and colorful stools! Want one if I am gonna be a singer… wishing!

The menu

Can’t be more excited to sing!

Logo inside


The hallway

I guess this space is for people who will get tired of hearing not so nice voices, haha, peace!

Our room number

Testing of cam with Biboy, Jude, Eldrige, Amie, Ampy and Pao

Biboy, Eldrige, myself, Amie, Ampy and Pao

Biboy, Eldrige, myself, Amie, Ampy and Jude

Karaoke Time!

The cute lights, like stars!

Eldrige, myself, Amie, Anna, Ampy and Pao

Josh and Randz (kissing) Gen, Marie, Hilda, Eldrige, myself, Amie, Anna, Ampy and Pao

Josh, Randz, Gen, Marie, Hilda, Eldrige, myself, Amie, Anna, Ampy and Jude

They have a secret relationship, lol (oh my, sorry I spilled, haha)

Smile everyone? Uhmmm, Eldrige? Haha!

Josh, what are you singing now? 🙂

Jude, Anna, Marie, Randz and Josh, just chillin’ outside.

Thank you Manong Guard for the picture!